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3, January 2018

3 Tips for Management Training in 2018

Management training has come a long way. It used to mean “watch me and I’ll show you how to do it.” Today, training has become a competitive weapon to attract and retain outstanding employees who then become great managers. And just as importantly, effective management training helps organizations improve the skill set of their leadership bound team members. that’s why for management training in Cincinnati or anywhere across America, look to Krissi Barr.

Training workshops are the most popular way to disseminate key information to corporate managers. Their effectiveness comes in part from their convenient one-day timeframe and concentrated focus on a single topic. Add in an engaging presenter, interactive media and group involvement and you get powerful impact that can make a huge difference in a company’s success.

Here are three tips for improving any organization’s management training in 2018.

Develop leadership potential

Few things can benefit a company more then investing in improving the leadership qualities of its high potential managers. There are many leadership workshops available in the marketplace. The ones that make the biggest impression (and yield the greatest benefit) combine simple yet powerful messages in a high impact format.

An example of a high impact leadership workshop is The Fido Factor. This revolutionary program is based on the leadership wisdom of dogs…and how the world’s best leaders share many of the same traits. FIDO is an acronym that stands for faithful, inspirational, determined and observant. This hands-on training workshop will show managers how to translate these powerful concepts into proven executive leadership. And the unique dog angle makes this training workshop both engaging and memorable.

Improve strategic thinking

Everyone talks about the importance of strategic thinking. Business leaders say they want executives who are experts at strategy. But how can you get your team to think strategically?

One way is with the Plugged workshop. Using golf as a metaphor, this management workshop emphasizes on the lessons of PAR.

P = Prioritize, focus on what matters most

A = Adapt, see change as an opportunity

R = be Responsible, take ownership of the outcome

These three powerful tools will help any manager think and act more strategically. As a result, this interactive management workshop will help employees dig out and get the right things done.

Improve communications and problem solving

If you could improve the quality of your team’s communications as they solve problems more effectively, would it benefit your organization?

That’s the entire focus of the 4S™ Foundation training workshop. This powerful yet deceptively simple program has given thousands of people the framework to improve how they communicate. Results include growth in strategic sales efforts, better problem solving and customer planning. In other words, the very things almost every organization struggles with.

If your plans for 2018 include improving your team’s management skills, talk with Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success about incorporating one of her powerful management training workshops. Whether your organization is based in Cincinnati or anywhere in the world, Krissi will customize and deliver her high energy, high impact training to your group to produce results for many years to come.

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