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4, September 2019

Executive Coaching During a Hurricane

The devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian off the coast of Florida got me thinking. There are parallels between an actual hurricane and the damage caused by misaligned employees. Of course, in one case the wreckage is more physical. But they both can take an enormous emotional toll on people. That’s why executive coaching during a hurricane can have a huge impact on a business. Whether you’re in Cincinnati, Jacksonville or anywhere in America, call us when the double red flags go up at your business.

The Jim Cantore Effect

If you’ve watched The Weather Channel, you know Jim Cantore. He’s the weather guy who always ends up in the middle of a catastrophe. You’ll recognize him as the one dripping wet, pelted by rain, leaning into a gale-force wind. When you see him in your town, you know you’ve got trouble coming.

Jim Cantore likely won’t walk into your business to alert you to problems, so you’ll have to look for other clues. Like a jump in turnover, a decline in sales or a delay in production.

All Hurricanes Start Small

Dorian started as a minor tropical depression. No one saw the category 5 monster coming.

It’s the same at work. It may be a new manager who seemed fine at the beginning. And then things started happening. Voices are raised. Confrontations. Disagreements. By the time HR steps in, things are getting bad.

The Power of Executive Coaching

An executive coach does things differently than The Weather Channel. Jim Cantore does a wonderful job explaining what is happening now and what may happen in the future. A great executive coach can essentially change the path of the storm.

Like a meteorologist, executive coaches are experts in their field. They too take measurements. Only theirs are behavioral assessments and 360s. Executive coaches will brave the eye of the storm to gain a deeper understanding.

And then they will use their skills to divert the tempest away from land. They’ll try to eliminate the extreme pressure imbalance. Often, they can calm the storm.

Red Sky at Morning

If you see a squall forming at your office, don’t wait for FEMA or Jim Cantore. Call Krissi Barr. While most of her executive coaching work is developing the good into great (high potentials, key executives), she’s also adept at storm chasing. Whether you’re in Cincinnati, Jacksonville or anywhere in America, executive coaching during a hurricane isn’t easy. When you’re ready to bring in the best, contact Krissi Barr.

Executive Coach Krissi Barr

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