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9, July 2021

Give Your Business a Shot in the Arm

We hear a lot of good ideas in our executive coaching, strategic planning and hiring assessment work. So, here’s one to give your business a shot in the arm: encourage everyone to get vaccinated. It will boost productivity, grow sales and attract new talent. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky or Jacksonville, Florida.

The evidence is clear

The vaccines are safe and effective. If you aren’t convinced, just look at the data from the CDC. The new Delta variant is twice as contagious as the original. Or consider this stat: on average, of the last 200 people who died of Covid in America, 199 were not vaccinated.

There is a lot of disinformation swirling around. Most of it is because there’s money to be made off sensationalizing this topic. It’s time to cut through the BS. The vaccine saves lives. And there’s no better way to show you care about your employees than to help them stay alive.

Help your business grow and succeed

Your team won’t reach its fullest potential until everyone feels safe at work. Masks are a good way to stop the spread. But until the virus has been eradicated, vaccines are the best way to kick your business into high gear.

When employees feel confident, they aggressively prospect and close more deals. People feel comfortable meeting in person and solving problems together. And they send the vibe to candidates that your organization cares and is a great place to work.

That’s the upside. The downside is the exact opposite. And since 30% of the country has yet to receive even one shot, that vulnerability is holding back millions of businesses.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

No, we don’t provide medical or vaccination services. We’re one of the top business consulting companies in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and Jacksonville, Florida. Our strengths are executive coaching, strategic planning and management assessments. We help our customers overcome challenges and grow. So, give your business a shot in the arm. And take our advice: do everything you can to get your team fully vaccinated now. For more sound advice, give us a call.

Krissi Barr, Executive Coach

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