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5, October 2018

Leadership, Women & FIDO

Krissi Barr captivated the audience during her keynote speech on leadership, women and FIDO for the ACG – EACC Women’s Group in Cincinnati this week. Krissi’s energy, combined with the topic of how women can boost their executive presence by learning leadership lessons from dogs, made for an exhilarating presentation.

Krissi Barr on leadership, women and FIDO

Based on her book The Fido Factor, Krissi shared her thoughts on canine-inspired leadership traits. “Dogs are faithful, inspirational, determined and observant,” she explained. “They defend their pack, lift everyone’s spirits, refuse to give up and notice the little things. Great leaders do the same.”

Women in leadership

With an audience of business women, Krissi highlighted the unique areas where women need to play the game differently. “Business women tend to put their job and their family ahead of themselves,” Barr said. “This can leave them feeling depleted and unhappy. Their male counterparts, on the other hand, tend to put themselves first. To feel more energized, you have to make yourself a priority.”

“Critical to women’s leadership success is the idea of focusing more on the long term versus the right now,” Barr said. “Women need to learn how to get results through people instead of just being the doers. We need to enable others. That way we can focus on—and accomplish—the higher-level goals that lift us to senior roles.”

The Fido Factor

Barr explained that among the four FIDO Factors—faithful, inspirational, determined and observant—the one that holds women back the most is determined. “Women can be uncomfortable showing their grit and resolve,” she said. “They need to realize that business leadership requires exhibiting an unwavering commitment to success. And that means challenging what is expected and traditional.”

The Cincinnati chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) and the European American Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati (EACC) work together to raise the leadership presence of their members.

Keynote speaker

Krissi Barr is a powerful, entertaining and motivational public speaker. Her messages range from leadership to strategy to success in a changing world. For more information on how she can deliver the perfect message for your next meeting, please contact Krissi Barr.

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