About Barr Corporate Success

About Barr Corporate Success

What’s most important to know about Barr Corporate Success? Excellence in executive coaching and strategic business consulting. We built our reputation for consulting excellence with strategic planning facilitation, business and executive coaching, DISC and behavioral or talent assessments, training, corporate culture and keynote speaking. Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success has dedicated her professional career to helping her clients succeed. The result: consulting that delivers results for CEOs and businesses in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Jacksonville, Florida.

The business consulting services we provide are not theory. With a career that started at Proctor & Gamble, Krissi Barr knows what it’s like to run a business. She’s built sales teams, owned P&Ls and founded companies. Throughout her successful career, she’s also experienced challenges, difficult people and adversity. In many ways, her ability to overcome those obstacles and succeed have made her a better executive coach and strategic business consultant.

Executive coaching is as much art as it is science. When working with a CEO or senior executive, the process is more aptly called business coaching. It involves a deep understanding of people, communication styles, strategic thinking and business acumen. Krissi has been the executive coach for hundreds of people, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida, Amelia Island, and all over America, with an exceptionally high rate of success.

Many companies struggle with strategic planning. That’s where Krissi Barr comes in. As one of America’s most experienced strategic planning facilitators, Krissi leads the process, captures notes, ensures all voices are heard and keeps things on track. She has facilitated over 500 strategic plans, so she knows what she’s doing. In addition, she has helped with implementation and execution planning for over half of her strategic planning engagements, so she knows how to drive results.

As she works with organizations, Krissi frequently uses her DISC and behavioral assessments to uncover insights into the teams. Importantly, this includes an assessment on motivators, or why people do what they do. These talent assessments have helped hundreds of companies hire the right people and better understand how to engage and manage existing employees.

Krissi Barr is a published author, having written two business books. The first was Plugged, a business strategy book, and the newest is The Fido Factor, a leadership book.

Barr Corporate Success was based in Cincinnati, Ohio and is now based on Amelia Island, outside Jacksonville, Florida. We continue to work with clients in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida and all over America. When you are ready to discuss executive coaching and strategic business consulting, or any of our other services, please give Krissi Barr a call.

Barr Corporate Success is a results-oriented business consulting firm, focused on separating the daily distractions from the real issues to put you on the right path to growth.

We help you grow your people, grow your sales and grow your profits. Barr Corporate Success has helped businesses large and small achieve more, in Cincinnati and all across America. We refocus teams on higher-level performance and help them build actionable plans to get there.

Our key service areas include:

  • Executive Coaching & Business Coaching
  • Strategic Planning & Business Plan Facilitation
  • Implementation & Execution Consulting
  • DISC & Behavioral Assessments
  • Training
  • Corporate Culture
  • Keynote Speeches


When you’re ready to make your organization the best it can be, contact Krissi Barr.

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