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Success Story: Disciplined Action Takes “C” Performers to New Heights

A quarter-century old, family owned technology business in its second generation had begun operating at a loss. Sales were declining, cost of sales was higher than necessary, and morale was suffering. Day-to-day activities were not properly aligned with the business goals, and a clear means of evaluating performance was lacking. Time was being wasted on non-sales activities.

Barr Corporate Success hit the ground running by partnering with regional sales managers on a comprehensive team planning effort. Krissi Barr tackled strategic, tactical and operational issues in sales training, focused all employees on the goal, and streamlined weekly activities and expectations with clear assignments and accountabilities.

The team got to work devising accurate performance measures, creating the real-time financial visibility necessary for timely feedback. Product training, proactive prospecting, and reduced sales call expenses began to generate profits.

Barr Corporate Success guided the marketing department to design more effective and exciting marketing materials and demo kits with concrete ROI information for customers. Supporting departments shared information that better helped them meet customers’ needs and added value to their products. Strategic planning reflected customer surveys and was adjusted to capitalize on every market and opportunity available.

The Results

By prioritizing major goals and aligning daily activities with the vision, the client achieved astounding results:

  • The company became profitable within 12 months
  • Several new customers joined the family
  • Shareholder equity increased 10%.
  • New orders increased 16%
  • Selling expenses decreased by more than 50%
  • $1.5 million was added to the bottom line

Team performance ratings improved 79 percent in:

  • Focus
  • Increased sales and margins
  • Sharing ideas
  • Improved communications
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