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Success Story: An Engineering Company Breaks Down Barriers with Personality Testing

By Sean P. Shafer, Barr Corporate Success customer

I have worked with Krissi Barr for a number of years. I have been associated with various coaches and consultants over my career but I’ve never been exposed to the unique approach that Barr Corporate Success utilizes.

We took a newly formed group and with Krissi’s guidance broke down the obstacles to a new way of organizational thinking. She helped us learn how to understand our personal strengths and weaknesses via behavioral assessments. This new awareness helped us maximize our effectiveness with both our internal and external customers.

By combining the assessment results with coaching, Krissi really opened our eyes. We learned how to get past the barriers that were throttling our growth opportunities and gave us the tools to learn new ways to sell and execute our strategies. This process is a methodical approach that starts with a personal analysis and takes you all the way through business strategy development with a closed loop accountability and ownership system.

I highly recommend Krissi to anyone looking to change their business and take on a growth strategy that understands the power of people over traditional business school tactics. Krissi combines this personal empowerment approach with analytical business tools to create not only successful results but accomplishes this in an enjoyable manner that doesn’t feel like work.

Krissi brings high energy that infects your organization with enthusiasm and a drive to implement goals that will change your business. She is tireless and always brings a smile to your day regardless of the challenge at hand.

Anyone that associates with Krissi will find out that she will not only be your coach and consultant but will end up as your life long friend as I have learned.

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