Strategic Planning & Implementation

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Developing a Business Plan Is Only Half the Battle

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and business plan implementation are the backbones of every successful organization. When done well, companies agree on their most important tasks. More importantly, they focus their resources on their highest priorities. Krissi Barr has successfully led the strategic planning for over four hundred businesses and organizations in Cincinnati and all over America. When combined with her implementation and execution consulting, not only is the strategic plan sound, the most important work gets done. Whether you use the P&G OGSM or Traction EOS system, the key to success is always in the implementation and execution. The creation of a solid business plan is the first and most important step toward producing powerful and sustainable positive results.

Business Plan Implementation & Execution

90% of businesses don’t reach their strategic objectives due to lack of execution and daily distractions. Considering the effort it takes to create a business plan or strategic plan, it’s unfortunate that so many fall short of their goal.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success will make sure your company is among the 10% of businesses that achieve their goals. Partner with us to develop your strategic planning and business plan execution. Additionally, we can also take a plan that’s already created and work with your team to turn it into a profit producing reality.

Strategic Planning Expertise

Corporate business plans need a skillful combination of financial, market and operational goals. Plans need ambition, vision, the right strategy and a clear path to implementation. The problem with most strategic plans? Lack of attention to the specifics of how goals will be achieved. Key questions to ask:

  • Have all major strategies been communicated throughout the company?
  • Are leadership and business units working toward the same goals?
  • Have our teams committed to specific plans, actions and metrics?

Articles on Strategic Planning and Business Plan Implementation & Goal Setting

Krissi has written extensively on strategic planning, including articles on:

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

Ready to take your strategic planning to the next level? Call Krissi Barr. She and her team at Barr Corporate Success will facilitate the strategic planning process. They’ll draw out the best ideas and keep everyone on track. Significantly, they’ll make sure all voices are heard. The result is a plan that will guide your business to success. Whether you are in Cincinnati or anywhere in the world, contact Krissi Barr to create the best strategic plan for your organization.

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To successfully execute your plan, your team needs to focus on the core tenets of execution. How many of the 5 A's of strategy execution does your team practice? Find out now.

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