Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

We partner with global Fortune 500s, mid-sized established firms, non-profits and family businesses in nearly every business category. What our clients say:

“You did an amazing job herding 19 cats in our strategic planning session and producing something great.”
-Bob G.

“Good coaches are hard to come by. Great ones are even harder to find. Krissi earns the "great" coach accolade. She brings to every meeting a keen, insightful intelligence, a no-nonsense, practical plan, and a fun and full heart.”
-Cheryl S.

“Krissi Barr absolutely ROCKS! I had the privilege to be coached by her. She is inspiring, high energy, enthusiastic and an inspiring leader and mentor. Krissi coached me to be my best!”
-Lorene H.

“Thank you for making our future come alive!”
-Jamie G.

“Krissi is an energetic, effective, and wonderful facilitator of corporate strategy, professional, and personal development. I would highly recommend Krissi to any individual, or organization that needs coaching, or strategic leadership.”
-Steve T.

“You have made an enormous difference in our business and I value the input you have given us.”
-Lisa M.

“I can’t tell you how much I was moved by your leadership event. What a fantastic job and what an authentic leadership experience!”
-Mike S.

“Your presentation was such a success we would like to have you repeat it at our next Summit!”
-Mary W.

“Thank you for a great program on leadership. I have been to thousands of these over my 30 years and yours was the topper!”
-Mark W.

“Your assessments are amazing. You really helped us upgrade our management candidates.”
-Linda B.

“I will never be able to thank you enough for believing in me right from the start and helping me get my team off the ground. I would never have come so far without your executive coaching.”
-Christine K.

“Krissi is the right fit for organizations and individuals that are serious about making an impact.”
-Carol T.

“I strongly recommend Krissi as a partner in the development of individual leaders, leadership teams, and corporate strategy.”
-Alisa P.

“I could not give a higher recommendation than Krissi Barr. She is a highly respected colleague in our industry for good reason. I've been touched by her savvy, wisdom, inspiration, and generosity. She is a wonderful friend. Please consider Krissi to guide you through any challenges or goals you wish to attain. You will not regret it.”
-Art S.

“Krissi’s strong emotional intelligence, engaging personality, superior communication and leadership skills, exceptional follow-through and vast business experience make her an easy choice for strategic planning, leadership development or coaching engagements.”
-Shelly W.

“Thank you for all you’ve done in executive coaching to support and challenge me. I value your wisdom and insights.”
-Alan W.

“Krissi was hired to be my coach during a very tumultuous time in my career. Two years later, I am in a role that I love and I am thriving. I honestly do not think I would have come through the challenges that I faced as well without Krissi's help and guidance. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling and needs some help seeing things objectively.”
-Melanie W.

“As a new executive in mid-size organization, I hired Krissi for several reasons - all of which she delivered on faster and better than expected. When I need an Executive Coach, or when a colleague does, there's no questions Krissi is the one I'll hire and recommend. Krissi is an "A+" Executive Coach.”
-Adriana L.

“I truly hope you can coach us again! You are simply amazing at what you do.”
-Jamie M.

“I have greatly appreciated the knowledge and perspective that Krissi has consistently contributed to sorting through complex topics.”
-Mike S.

“Our Senior Vice President is lucky to have you as his executive coach!”
-Theresa G.

“Thank you for all you have done for me, to help me grow as a leader.”
-Michael B.

“Krissi Barr epitomizes what it means to turn ideas into high-quality results. Krissi understands the competitive advantage HR can bring to a business. Her assessment tools have been invaluable. Krissi helped our company to grow in key areas--financial solvency, employee morale, customer satisfaction, and process improvements.”
-Steve B.

“Time and time again, our leaders state her content is the most useful and applicable to their personal and professional development. She takes the time to understand our goals and drives them home in the work she does for us.”
-Gretchen S.

“You embody the authenticity I strive for both in business and in life.”
-Mark S.

“I really appreciate your coaching and suggestions and continuously work on them as I head into a new executive position as CFO.”
-Rajat M.

“We’ve used Krissi’s assessments to help hire salespeople for the last several years and have seen sales grow and turnover shrink.”
-Dan B.

“Overall you did a great job with our training sessions. I felt you helped establish some great dialogue among our leadership team and got input from some on the team we hadn’t yet received.”
-Bob K.

“I highly recommend Krissi Barr to anyone that is looking to enhance their personal life and career.”
-Seth P.

“I want to thank you for facilitating an excellent strategic planning meeting. I think this has been our best one yet!”
-Joe V.

“The leadership session was fantastic and everybody was impressed. I was especially pleased with the engagement you encouraged of our entire team.”
-Mark G.

“I have always valued you as a coach and person. You have taught me so many things. You have played a key role in my leadership development and success.”
-Sylvia H.

“The tools you provided served as our foundation and were what we needed to develop our team. Your executive coaching was instrumental in helping us get across the finish line. We all enjoyed working with you too!”
-A. Leadership Academy

“Thanks for the helpful 360 degree recap; it provides great insight on my further development as a senior leader.”
-James H.

“Your strategic planning session yesterday was a success in many ways! Thanks for your work and ideas!”
-Jack F.

“Thank you for your time and effort with our strategy development session. You did a great job of facilitating the meeting, keeping us on track, and documenting all of our input thrown around.”
-Keith C.

“I hit $5,000,000 in bookings yesterday. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and receive your coaching. You have made me a better person!”
-Rachel W.

“Krissi Barr is excellent! Strategic planning and leadership training all in one! I highly recommend Krissi and her process for righting the ship.”
-John K.

“Krissi is a dynamic leader who does an outstanding job of assessing a situation, collaborates on desired outcomes and then delivers results. Krissi partners with senior level executives to develop a strategic plan or drive strategy within an organization. Krissi's work with mutual relationships has produced excellent results.”
-Becky S.

“Krissi is an experienced professional that helped our team with coaching. Krissi always came to the table with practical solutions that could be implemented the next day. I always found she listened with intent and helped to focus on the real opportunities.”
-Dewayne G.

“Krissi was both insightful and creative in in her review and assessment of a challenging organizational situation. It was a pleasure working with her on an extended project where she assisted in building bridges between entrenched personnel and new leaders working to introduce positive disruptive processes.”
-Jack F.

“Krissi's level of energy and engagement, subject matter expertise, and positive attitude led to the overall success of the training she provided.”
-Mary W.

“You and your organization will never regret retaining Krissi Barr to assist in helping build your business. She's one of the best and I offer her my highest recommendation for her efforts!”
-Tom S.

“You are truly an inspiring person; thank you for your executive coaching!”
-Victoria C.

“You are excellent at what you do and I have enjoyed every second of my executive coaching with you.”
-Steve M.

“Krissi Barr absolutely ROCKS! I had the privilege to be coached by her. She is inspiring, high energy, enthusiastic and an inspiring leader and mentor. Krissi coached me to be my best!”
-Lorene H