The Fido Factor: How to Get a Leg Up At Work

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The Fido Factor

How To Get A Leg Up At Work

"A MUST-READ for anyone who is or wants
to be a LEADER"

- Marshall Goldsmith

Turns out the next big thing in leadership insight has four legs and a wet nose. Business leaders today are on a quest, looking for ways to help their employees—and themselves—achieve their potential and propel the enterprise to greatness. They’re looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition.

What can business professionals possibly learn from dogs about leadership? As it turns out, a lot. The Fido Factor reveals the leadership traits canines embody – and shows how to unleash your inner leader of the pack.

The Fido Factor is a groundbreaking take on success that will get you barking up the right tree. It goes where no business book has gone before. That’s because dogs exude a leadership genius that can only come from domesticated quadrupeds with expressive tails. The Fido Factor’s core message is that dogs can motivate each of us to become a more effective leader at work.

This isn’t a cute little book about puppies, and it won’t teach you how to beg. It’s a roadmap to leadership success with dogs as your guide. So, unleash yourself. Learn some new tricks. And dog-ear the pages that will help you and your company bound boldly into the future.

Order your copies of The Fido Factor directly from the authors. The cost is $22.95 and that includes shipping. Email co-author Dan Barr for more information at

Krissi and Dan Barr Image

Written by Krissi and Dan Barr

Krissi and Dan Barr are dynamic business people who live in Cincinnati. Both are graduates of Miami University, the school where Krissi also earned her MBA. They’re also the authors of two breakout business books – The Fido Factor: How to Get A Leg Up At Work and Plugged: Dig Out and Get the Right Things Done.

Krissi is President and Founder of Barr Corporate Success, a business consulting and coaching firm. Specializing in strategies to implement initiatives and maximize profitability, her interdisciplinary approach to business draws from her extensive background. Her industry experience includes banking, high-tech, service-based, international business, and manufacturing within a variety of companies from global Fortune 500’s, mid-sized established firms to start-ups and family businesses.

Dan is an accomplished sales & marketing executive and entrepreneur. He is Chief Operating Officer at Barr Corporate Success.

Krissi and Dan Barr

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Reviews From Amazon

  • “Finally a leadership book that focuses on the things that really matter to achieving success, YOUR TEAM! Take car of them, make them feel important and respected, and they will take care of you! Once you have a team that believes you care about them, they will be inspired and driven to achieve the goals that you and the team set. The Fido Factor is a lighthearted but heavy hitting approach to achieving great results!  -Brett H.”- A book for all leaders…and those aspiring to be
  • “I'm not a huge dog person and wondered if I'd enjoy this book. Bottom line, I LOVED it, and highly recommend it for anyone interested in upping their leadership game. The book is filled with solid, real-world wisdom -- and the lighthearted tone makes it a breeze to read. I also find myself REMEMBERING so much more of that wisdom than I do when I read traditional business books... and that's the whole point, right? -Rod”- Loved it
  • “Clearly written, well organized, beautifully illustrated and chock-full of useful and thoughtful leadership wisdom and advice. Creative canine stories reinforce the four FIDO leadership factors (Faithful + Inspirational + Determined + Observant). You're going to have a doggone good time reading this book! Encourage your entire team to read "The Fido Factor" and help your team to get a leg up at work! Kudos to Krissi & Dan Barr for writing this easy-to-read yet practical book on leadership and business success! Highly recommend! -Grillin Out”- Highly recommend!
  • “Great book. Lots of great information for business leaders. Highly recommend it. -Joe G.”- Bones to throw
  • “Don't let the title fool you, this is a really fun book with very powerful leadership and business ideas. I read it this weekend and plan to recommend it to all of my friends and clients. It lays out the most important things that a leader must do to be effective and successful, while still keeping highly enjoyable and humorous. This is the perfect business book for people that don't like to read 300 pages and just want to learn the most important stuff quickly. However, even though it is not a big book in the number pages, it is a big book in the great ideas that delivers. Also, as a fanatic dog lover, the analogies between dogs and business leaders was glorious. If the book sounds good to you in this review, I promise you will absolutely love it. -John Spence”- Don’t let the title fool you
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John Spence is one of the Top 100 Business Though Leaders in America. He reads over 100 books a year. And he loves The Fido Factor!

Click here to watch the video where he talks about some of his favorite new books. We’re thrilled that The Fido Factor is one of them!

John is also the author of one of our favorite books, Awesomely Simple. It’s a best-selling strategy book on how to turn ideas into action. If that premise sounds good, you’ll love it!

Mark Anderson knows a thing or two about leadership. As President of ExecuNet, a global network made up of over 750,000 CEOs and VPs, his company provides both leadership advice and career assistance to business leaders all over the world. Which  explains our excitement when we read Mark’s glowing review of The Fido Factor.

The Fido Factor is fun, relatable, and packed with motivation and techniques for any leader to learn from,” Mark said. “The book is filled with leadership stories, dog stories and ways to become a better leader – all without the heavy “I’m reading a textbook to learn something” feeling so many business book evoke. It’s a light-hearted book with a serious bark to it. Give it a chance!”

Click here to read his complete review of The Fido Factor!

The Fido Factor leadership
The Fido Factor in hardcover

The Fido Factor authors Krissi and Dan Barr were the featured guests on the American Dreamers radio show! To make sure the hour long program captured the true essence of the motivations behind the book, the authors were joined by their dogs, Kaiser and Clover.

The American Dreamers show features small businesses and entrepreneurs who have a story to tell. It is broadcast on WKRC in Cincinnati and available as a download off iTunes.

“We had an absolute blast,” said Krissi afterwards. “Kaiser and Clover were clearly the stars of the show. As we walked through the enormous building, everyone stopped us to pet our dogs.”

Click here to listen to the broadcast!

The Fido Factor authors Krissi and Dan Barr with their dogs Kaiser and Clover and the entire American Dreamers crew!
Krissi, Dan, Kaiser and Clover Barr outside the studio.

The Fido Factor co-author Krissi Barr was referenced in Parade magazine, the largest magazine in America. Parade is inserted in over 700 Sunday newspapers and has a circulation of over 30 million.

“It’s a piece on Presidential dogs,” said Krissi. “The author saw my article in USA TODAY and quoted one of the most striking lines.”

“The article is titled ‘Presidential Pets: Four-Legged White House Residents.’ I was quoted as saying ‘The last occupant of the White House who didn’t have a pet was Andrew Johnson. And he got impeached.'”

“My goal was to help the President improve his leadership,” Barr continued. “We all want him to succeed, as that’s best for America. And I believe he could learn from dogs about how to be more faithful, inspirational, determined and observant by having a family dog.”

Click here to see the article in Parade.

The Fido Factor co-author Krissi Barr’s 277 word editorial on leadership recently ran in America’s largest newspaper, USA TODAY. Published on October 27, her letter focused on this simple advice for President Trump: get a dog.

“Dogs exhibit many of the same traits as great leaders,” Krissi observed. “The Trump family doesn’t have a dog. The last occupant of the White House who didn’t have a pet was Andrew Johnson. And he got impeached.”

“My editorial was meant as a positive suggestion,” Barr continued. “We all want him to succeed, as that’s best for America. And I sincerely believe he could learn some leadership lessons from dogs.”

“My advice to the President is to add a four-legged member to his family,” Krissi said. “It’s never too late for anyone to learn how to be a better leader.”

“I told him how canines are faithful to their entire pack,” she said. “They’re inspirational, not demeaning. Dogs approach everything with determination, an attribute that makes every president better. Finally, dogs are observant, absorbing as much information as possible so they can make the best decisions.”

“It was an honor to have the USA TODAY editorial board select my letter,” Barr said. “But I wanted to make sure the President knew I was sincere in wanting to help. So, I mailed him a copy of The Fido Factor and offered to help him in any way I could. I hope he takes me up on my offer.”

Here’s a link to the full letter in USA TODAY.