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17, November 2023

Advice For Young People

I’m often asked to meet with a friend or acquaintance’s 21-year-old kid. The young adult is typically in their senior year of college and trying to figure out their direction in life. Before meeting with them, I have them take a self-assessment that reveals their behaviors and, maybe more importantly, their motivators. When I discuss the assessment results with the young person, it is almost always eye-opening. Then, whether they live in Cincinnati, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, or Jacksonville, Florida, my advice is always the same. It comes from someone who has been an executive coach, strategic planning facilitator and successful consultant for many years. And this advice for young people will almost certainly change the trajectory of their life for the better.


Find out what you’re good at—not what you love. If you’re good at something, eventually you’ll likely enjoy it and excel at it.


Work harder than almost everyone else. Then save money for the future—don’t blow too much on instant gratification.

Biggest asset

Marry your best friend, the person who helps you become your best version of you.


If making money is important to you, start your own business doing (or at least leveraging) what you are good at.


Know yourself. And take care of yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, party in moderation, stay mentally active.


Believe in yourself—you can do it. Find happiness in the little things. Learn to let go of the negative thoughts that hold you back.


Set and write down goals. Regularly monitor your progress. And find an accountability buddy to hold you responsible.


Embrace change. It is an inevitable part of life.


Family, God, Country, Friends, Co-workers, Community. Put them in the order that works for you. And try to then do something positive for each one every day.

Positive Impact

Be a force for good, for love, for truth, for peace.

Krissi Barr, Executive Coach and Strategic Planning Facilitator

Yes, these are suggestions for young adults looking to find their path in life. But they also work for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, or Jacksonville, Florida. I spend a lot of time doing executive coaching and strategic planning with companies and organizations all over America. Maybe the path to success starts with good advice for young people. If you think I may be able to help you or your team, please reach out.

Krissi Barr, Executive Coach

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