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14, April 2021

Are you ready?

American businesses have been through some tough times. A global pandemic and its ripple effects will do that to you. But things are poised to change. Millions of Americans are vaccinated. And there is enormous pent-up demand. Are you ready? This is the question I ask all my executive coaching and strategic planning customers. And while there are regional variances, it doesn’t matter if they are in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, or Jacksonville, Florida.

The new normal

Despite the enormous losses we’ve experienced, Americans are resilient. We’ve been tested by masks, social distancing and isolation. We’ve had to re-learn how to get things done. And we’ve survived.

There is no going back, only moving forward. The good news is we have a bag of new tricks. Things like Zoom, hybrid office work and a newfound respect for staying safe.

And as I’ve told all my clients, get vaccinated. Encourage everyone on your team to do so. That way you’ll protect yourself, your family and your business. And you’ll help jumpstart the recovery.

Opportunity ahead

The future looks very bright. Every single customer I work with—across dozens of industries—is anticipating significant growth in the coming year. And many of them have been laying the groundwork for months.

Most companies start by asking two basic questions: do we have the right strategic plan to take us where we want to go? And do we have the right people to take us there?

I’ve helped develop nearly 500 strategic plans over the years. It’s true that if you know where you want to go, your odds of getting there go up dramatically. And a disciplined strategic plan—drawn with input from across your team—is a powerful roadmap.

Find and develop people

This is a tight labor market. As a result, leaders want to retain their best employees and coach up as many as they can. That’s where executive coaching and development come in. Identify exactly what each person needs.  And then deliver it with high impact.

Organizations are also working to improve their hiring and onboarding processes. Our talent assessments incorporate DISC and motivators to produce unparalleled insights. And they’ve helped our clients ensure a culture fit with their new hires.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

For 18 years, our team has been working with business owners and teams to improve results. And it’s worked. If you’ve been thinking about executive coaching, strategic planning or talent assessments, please give us a call. We work with customers in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Jacksonville, Florida and across America. The world is revving up. Are you ready?

Krissi Barr, Executive Coach

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