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15, March 2019

Assessment on What Motivates Employees

Companies use assessments for many reasons. These include hiring, HiPo analysis, job fit, team composition and dealing with conflict. Many common assessments are some form of DISC, which looks at behaviors. They focus how people do what they do. And while they can be very helpful, most assessments are missing a key component: why. For years we’ve been using an assessment on what motivates employees. This understanding of driving forces has helped our clients in Cincinnati and all over America.

Why People Do What They Do

The question of what really motivates someone isn’t academic or superfluous. It gets to the core of what someone is passionate about. And if you can connect a person’s driving forces with their job, amazing things happen.

The assessment we’ve used is from TTI, one of the top five assessment companies in the world. They’ve focused exclusively on assessments for over 35 years. Plus, their assessments are EEOC compliant and backed by an independent adverse impact study.

The Value of Knowing Motivators

We have used thousands of their Driving Forces assessment to help hundreds of companies. In some cases, it may be more important to know someone’s motivators because that’s what’s hidden. After all, we can observe behaviors. But why people do what they do isn’t as easy to spot.

Here’s a perfect example of the importance of knowing an individual’s motivators. In one study, 72% of the top performing salespeople shared the exact same motivator. If I were hiring a salesperson, I’d sure like to know how powerfully this motivator moved them.

Motivators help color in a more complete picture of a person. They reveal to what extent someone is driven by power, beauty, money, learning, helping others and finding new ways of doing things. Each of these concepts is a spectrum. Knowing where a person—or an entire team—falls on each spectrum is vitally important to making sure they are in the right role.

Of course, a better understanding of someone’s motivators can dramatically improve communications, too.

Where there’s passion, there’s engagement. And where there’s engagement, there’s success. The beauty of this assessment on what motivates employees is how it is integrated into behaviors. It produces a report that reveals much more than an average DISC report. And with much greater confidence.

Assessment Expert Krissi Barr

If you are looking for a new way to get a deeper understanding of your team, please contact us. Our assessment on what motivates employees is just the start. We’re certified experts in assessing behaviors, motivators, emotional intelligence and much more. Whether you are in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, we can help you improve your assessment process. That should be motivation enough to give Barr Corporate Success a call.

Assessment expert Krissi Barr

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