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25, October 2018

Assessments Can Help Reduce Turnover

A large and growing share of companies use assessments to help in the hiring process. In fact, among large US corporations, nearly 60% use some type of assessment in the selection process. But there’s another application that may have an even greater impact on your business. It’s because assessments can help reduce turnover and improve engagement among your current employees.

How Assessments Work

There are many assessments on the market. To minimize your business risk, we’ll focus on the ones that are EEOC compliant and backed by independent adverse impact studies. How easy is it to take an assessment? Just click on a link and answer the questions, usually in about 20 minutes. Seconds later, the hiring manager receives the results in the form of an emailed report.

What Assessments Reveal

Assessments can reveal a person’s behaviors, motivators, skills and competencies, emotional intelligence and other factors.

  • BEHAVIORS reveal HOW a person does what they do
  • MOTIVATORS reveal WHY a person does what they do
  • SKILLS and COMPETENCIES reveal WHAT a person can do
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE reveals a person’s ability to SENSE, UNDERSTAND and effectively APPLY EMOTIONS to be more productive with others.


How assessments can help reduce turnover

Managers who know more information can communicate more effectively with their employees and take positive steps to build engagement. And that can reduce turnover. Here’s how:

  • When you know someone’s BEHAVIOR pattern you can communicate more effectively.
  • When you know what MOTIVATES someone you can put them in roles that maximize what energizes them.
  • When you know someone’s strongest SKILLS you can create a development plan for the ones that need work.
  • When you know someone’s EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE challenges you can create ways to address them.


Keep your best employees on your team

In today’s tight labor market, losing a key employee can be a real setback. That’s why you should talk with Barr Corporate Success about how assessments can help reduce turnover at your company. The Barr team will get a thorough understanding of your situation and your challenges. Then they’ll create an assessment program that’s affordable, safe, easy to administer and effective. Contact Krissi Barr today to learn more!

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