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24, September 2020

Build the Perfect Team

Your people should be your greatest asset. That’s why smart CEOs are always thinking about upgrading workforce talent. Attracting and hiring the right people. Developing Hipos. Building for the future. And then putting it all together to build the perfect team. And whether you are in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida or anywhere in America, you can do it, too. It just takes the right talent assessments, good training programs and a mindset to succeed.

It starts at the top

Teams are the backbone of every company. And they all start at the top. You’ll need a solid mix of market knowledge, technical excellence and the ability to lead others. Having diversity in age, gender, race and other demographics will give your leadership team a competitive advantage.

While there are many attributes beneficial to the company’s success, leadership is paramount. It’s the ability to get others to do the right things…and feel good about what they’re doing. Of course, great leaders help their teams see the future and find a way to achieve it.

Hiring the right people

It isn’t just finding great people. It’s finding the right people. The ones with the culture fit and needed behaviors and motivators. That’s why our most popular talent assessment lets companies affordably determine these attributes in about 20 minutes.

We work with your leadership team to identify the specific factors that will determine long-term success in your organization. Then your HR team can easily pinpoint the applicants who have the right stuff.


High potential employees (Hipos) are those who combine an excellent assessment with a proven track record. In other words, they have C-suite executive material. Your challenge is to develop your Hipos so they grow, learn and stay in your organization. That’s why we have proven training programs to help make that happen.


Every employee needs training and development. It makes them better prepared to take on challenges. Plus, they feel valued and are less likely to exit. Put your future leaders through a program that gives them the soft skills they need.

Building teams

Creating great teams is an art. You want different skills, unique backgrounds and varying perspectives. But mostly, highly functioning teams need great communications. That’s the only way they will be able to work effectively with each other. And our teambuilding programs make that happen.

Cincinnati-based Barr Corporate Success

We’ve been helping organizations build the perfect team for over 18 years. And it starts with our unique mix of assessments, executive coaching and strategic planning. CEO Krissi Barr has helped hundreds of companies—and thousands of people—grow and develop. Find out more by contacting Krissi. Whether you are in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida or anywhere in America, discover how you can grow your business.

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