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22, July 2019

Business Assessments for Behaviors vs. Personalities

Everyone does it. Everyone calls them “personality assessments.” But the truth is, they’re really behavior assessments. And there’s a good reason why we focus on business assessments for behaviors vs. personalities. Whether you’re looking for assessments for your organization in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, turn to Barr Corporate Success for business assessments expertise.

Why not personality?

The problem with “personality” is there is no universal definition. There’s general agreement that personality is made up of the characteristics that form a person’s distinctive character. When the focus shifts to psychological aspects, we start running into difficulties . Companies can coach and develop people on behaviors, but not so with personalities.

The advantage of behavioral assessments

The biggest advantage of assessing behaviors is they are observable. There’s no crawling inside someone’s mind and figuring out what they are thinking. We can see how they behave. Importantly, personalities are said to be what we are, while behaviors are what we do. And behaviors can be understood and modified.

Behavioral assessments in the workplace

There are many reasons why companies want to know about an applicant’s behaviors. Clearly, how someone acts plays a big role in how successful they are in their job.

For example, if you’re looking for a salesperson, you probably want someone who likes talking with people and is reasonably assertive. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a scientific technician, you may put a premium on attention to detail and following policy.

All behavioral assessments are not the same

There are many behavioral assessments used in the workplace. We have chosen the one from TTI, one of the largest assessment companies in the world. Here are some of the ways TTI’s DISC behavioral assessments stand out:

Detailed and accurate

With 384 different outputs, it’s the most precise assessment in the market. (Other behavioral assessments only generate 16 different outputs.) The results: greater accuracy.

Reduced Risk

Independent studies show no adverse impact with regard to race, gender, disability or veteran status. Plus, all subgroups were EEOC compliant. Other behavioral assessments can’t say that.

More Affordable

Assessments are extremely cost competitive whether you run two a year or twenty thousand.

Easy to Use

Everything is done online or on a smart phone. Quick to take, with instantaneous results.

Outstanding Support

The results in the 30-page report are intuitive to interpret. Even better, our team will make sure you’re comfortable with every aspect of the process.

Add in motivators

TTI’s behavioral assessments are often combined with motivators. This way an employer can assess both how a person does what they do and why they do what they do. All off one click of a link. And all in less than a half hour.

Why Barr Corporate Success

For over 17 years, Barr has been helping business customers with assessments. The program can be used for hiring or internal development. We’re experts when it comes to assessments. And we’ve grown into one of the largest suppliers of business assessments in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Florida.

If you are interested in discovering how the right assessment can benefit your organization, please give us a call. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, if you’re looking for business assessments for behaviors vs. personalities, let us show you how affordable and accurate they can be.

Assessment expert Krissi Barr

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