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30, January 2018

Why All Business Leaders Can Benefit from Executive Coaching

Who Should Get an Executive Coach?

The answer to the question of, “Who should get an executive coach?” isn’t as simple as it seems. In a perfect world, everyone who needs an executive coach would get one. We live in Cincinnati, not the perfect world, so let’s lay out how to make this important decision.

Let’s start with a high-level refresher on what an executive coach does. At the core, an executive coach’s job is to work with a business person to help make them the best they can be at work. They are like a personal trainer at the gym, only instead of physical fitness, the executive coach’s goal is to improve executive fitness.

Here’s a list of the most common recipients of executive coaching.

Business owners

Millions of owners of small and medium-sized businesses know it gets lonely at the top. They need an expert to give them sound advice to help their company grow. Someone to tell them hard truths, to hold their feet to the fire, to share battle-tested insights. Since the ultimate fate of the enterprise lies largely with the leader’s decisions, actions and behaviors, no coaching relationship is more important.

While there are commonalities, no two businesses are exactly alike. The dynamics at a one-location family business aren’t the same as a national enterprise with minority stake owners. A great executive coach will have the experience and resources needed to identify the most important issues and ensure they get accomplished.

Top executives

Presidents, CEOs, vice presidents, key managers, senior leaders and impact makers may all need an executive coach. The ability of these key executives to make good things happen has a large impact on the overall success of the organization. The most talented among us can grow sales and profits, attract top talent, motivate a workforce and chart a course for the future. Most people aren’t born with all of these skills. That’s why an executive coach can play a powerful role in developing the areas that are holding back progress.


Every company has problems. The smart companies do something about them. A talented executive coach will work with people to identify what the challenges are and then do something about them. While not every problem is fixable, the vast majority are.


We live and work in a world of teams. Success is almost always reliant on the ability of people on a team to work together productively. That doesn’t always happen. Change, mergers and new situations can all put a strain on the status quo. Great executive coaches find the source of the friction and develop a plan to minimize it. They improve communications and get buy-in on what success looks like.

An experienced executive coach

Krissi Barr, founder of Barr Corporate Success, is an amazing executive coach. (See her Rave Reviews.) She has an uncanny ability to uncover the real issues and find ways to work through them. She has successfully worked with people who were responsible for billions in revenue, teams in dysfunction and business owners of every stripe. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere in the world, contact Krissi to learn more about how her executive coaching can make all the difference to you and your organization.

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