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29, April 2020

CEO to do list

For most leaders, this is an extremely challenging time. I hear it multiple times a day from my executive coaching and strategic planning customers in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida and all over America. One way to stay on top of the rapidly changing dynamics is to create a CEO to do list. It works well for a company President, VP or senior manager, too.

Government and science

  • Follow the latest stay at home orders and health safety guidelines.
  • Monitor state and local reopening guidelines.
  • Challenge your team to prepare for all likely contingencies. Get the PPE you need. Reconfigure workflows to conform to best practices.
  • Know what vaccines are in testing. Track what experts say about possible roll-out dates.
  • Keep up on possible treatments for coronavirus patients.


Company and people

  • At a minimum, stay in close communications with all direct reports. Drop in on department-level meetings.
  • Phone calls and Zoom meetings are better than emails. Communicate more than normal, not less.
  • Closely monitor your KPIs. Track everything and ask a lot of questions to the managers in charge.
  • Take time to find out how your people are doing. Meetings will take longer but this is important. Everyone is experiencing upheavals. Some are experiencing worse. Show you care.
  • Consider having Krissi Barr start executive coaching on key employees. Use for people with untapped upside and others with known weaknesses.


Market and strategy

  • Follow what’s going on in your market and among your competitors.
  • Stay close to your customers. Talk with key accounts on a regular basis.
  • Talk with your sales team and marketing team to keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Meet with your senior leadership team to discuss potential changes to your strategic plan.
  • Consider bringing in Krissi Barr to facilitate a strategic planning session. Think outside the box, put firm dates and numbers on the plan and focus on what’s most important. Get the right things done.
  • Find ways to boost creativity and accountability.
  • Decide what changes you need to make and set a path forward to achieve them.


Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

In a year, you’ll look back at today. When you do, will you be able to say you did all you could do? And just as importantly, did you make the right calls? Krissi Barr and her team at Barr Corporate Success can help. They’re experts at executive coaching, strategic planning, assessments to help hire and develop and leadership training. They work with organizations in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Jacksonville, Florida and all over America. For now, start with your CEO to do list. Then contact Krissi Barr to help your business achieve its greatest potential.

Krissi Barr, Executive Coach

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