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18, December 2020

Choosing the Right HR Assessment

A good assessment provides actionable insight into a person. A great assessment does that and much more. This was clear when I started Barr Corporate Success over 18 years ago. And tens of thousands of reports later, it’s even more apparent today. So, whether you are in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, or Jacksonville, Florida, choosing the right HR assessment can make all the difference.

DISC Behaviors

DISC is the universal language for describing behaviors. D is for dominance, I is for influence, S is for steadiness, and C is for compliance. While there are many assessments that measure a person’s DISC, they aren’t all alike.

I chose the one that delivers the most precise, customized insights. It can produce 384 different reports on the person’s behavior, more than any other. Some put people into one of only 16 possible categories.

It also looks at what the person is low in. Other reports only look at the highs. And that misses key information, because for 30% of the population, their most powerful trait is what they are lowest in.

Motivators are Critical

Everyone acknowledges the value of understanding a person’s behaviors. But when you add in what motivates someone, you get a much more precise perspective. That’s why the most popular assessment we provide combines both behaviors and motivators.

It all gets back to why. Why does someone do what they do? Why do certain jobs and activities provide engagement while others don’t? The answers is often found in the person’s motivators.

Safety and Confidence

Every customer I’ve worked with wants to know if the assessment is safe to use. That’s why our assessment is EEOC compliant and backed by an independent adverse impact study. So, it’s both highly accurate and it won’t put your business in jeopardy.

Perfect for Hiring and Coaching & Development

This assessment is ideal as a hiring tool. It provides insights that can help you decide if the candidate is the right fit. And then after they’re hired, it provides a roadmap for how to help them become the best they can be. All in about 42 pages.

Easy to Use and Affordable

Just email the person a link. They take the assessment online in less than 20 minutes. You get the easy-to-read report instantly. And you can create team reports, group wheels, comparison reports and much more. All at prices that are surprisingly affordable.

Assessments from Barr Corporate Success

We work with hundreds of companies, all over America. Some use us for executive coaching, others for strategic planning. And most see the tremendous value in the insights they receive from our assessments. We also have emotional intelligence assessments, 360 assessments and more. But our core behavior and motivator assessment remains the workhorse in our stable. If you are in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, or Jacksonville, Florida and would like to learn more about how choosing the right HR assessment can benefit your organization, please contact us.

Krissi Barr, Executive Coach

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