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11, October 2018

Identify and Develop High Potential Leaders

Who among your current employees will be the leaders of the future? It isn’t always that easy to tell. Sure, performance reviews and rubbing elbows in the break room will give you an indication. Now there’s a better way. It’s a system that lets you identify and develop high potential leaders. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere else in America, look to Krissi Barr to turn HiPos into future CEOs.

Put Your HiPos on the Fast Track

It’s easier than you thought. And totally customizable. Here’s how.

Identify the Characteristics You Want in Your Future Leaders

We work with you to identify the attributes you want your ideal candidates to possess. Our process reveals the specific behavioral and motivational characteristics you want in a leader.

We start with a general behavioral direction like “leaders at our company should be driven, hungry, detail-oriented, people-oriented and those who do not settling for mediocrity.” Then we drill down to identify the specific characteristics, like “urgency, people-oriented and competitive.”

Then we do the same for each person’s motivators, starting with a broad definition like “leaders at our company should be curious, efficient, look for ROI, have a sales-oriented and have a learning mindset.” Then we drill down further to identify specifics like “resourceful, intellectual and objective.”

Assess Your Employees Using Behaviors & Motivators

Then we use our assessments to identify which behaviors (DISC) and motivators (Driving Forces) drive your current employees. It takes less than 30 minutes. And because we use TTI assessments, you know the results are accurate and meet EEOC guidelines.

Select Your Leadership Candidates

We then compare the list of characteristics you want in leaders with the results from your team. Once you see who’s wired for leadership — and who has the greatest potential — you make the selection of between two and fifty participants.

Develop High Potential Leaders

Then it’s time for training and development. We’ll meet with your team on a regular basis to give them the skills and strategies they need for success. Everything from foundational elements like behaviors and culture, to leadership traits and time management.

Leadership Development in a Tight Job Market

Investing in your people is the most effective way to build loyalty, improve productivity and drive results. Even better, this process can reduce turnover and increase employee retention. Whether this is for your current managers and supervisors, or for talented employees anywhere on your team, contact Krissi Barr to learn how to accelerate leadership within your organization. With the right partner you can develop high potential leaders in your organization. Whether you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio or anywhere in America, trust Barr Corporate Success to deliver.

identify and develop high potential leaders

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