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19, June 2018

Don’t Wait Too Long to Bring in an Executive Coach

It happens all too often. An executive coach is brought in to work with a senior leader or key manager. After a few meetings with good progress, the coachee says he or she is leaving the company. Why? Leadership waited too long before they took action. It doesn’t have to be that way. With quick action, you can usually get the results you really want. If you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, don’t wait too long to bring in an executive coach.

Here’s how it usually goes

There is a blow up at work. People clash, tempers flare. Then things simmer down. Leadership hopes the matter will blow over. Time passes. Then there’s another incident. And that’s when the decision is made to bring in an executive coach to try to fix the problem.

Only that’s often too late. There were things happening out of sight. The person who will end up getting coached headed home upset after the initial incident. As they drove they ran through the confrontation over and over. By the time they arrived home they had decided to dust off their resume and begin reaching out to their network.

The clock is ticking

When an executive coach starts working in a situation like this, it can be anywhere from two months to two years after the initial blow up. Then after a few coaching sessions and trust has been earned, the coachee finally discloses that they are leaving. They’ve found a new job.

Those infamous words

That’s when I hear the words that keep ringing in my head: “I wish we had started this coaching earlier. I think we could have worked it out. But it’s too late now.”

When to bring in an executive coach

In the moment, it’s difficult to know when the right time is to engage an executive coach. Every situation is different. My advice is this: take action if key members of your team are involved and you aren’t certain that the matter will blow over. I’ve helped hundreds of people and organizations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and all over the US. If you have a need, please give me a call. Just don’t wait too long to bring in an executive coach.

Executive Coach Krissi Barr

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