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24, June 2020

Executive Coaching and Change

Change is hard. Habits become ingrained. Behaviors become second nature. Of course, we don’t want to change the good things. Keep doing what’s working. Yet for most senior business executives, there are a few areas that could be improved. Executive coaching and change go hand in glove. Here are some of the ways I help business leaders in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida and all over America reach their highest potential.

Identify what’s holding you back

Successful business leaders are like everyone else. They don’t like focusing on their deficiencies. So, they have a choice: ignore them or deal with them. The smartest leaders tackle the issues head on.

In my 18 years as an executive coach, I’ve helped nearly a thousand business people. Sometimes it starts with a self-realization. Other times it’s the board of directors or CEO who sees the need. I use that information as the starting point. Through self-assessments, 360s and good old-fashioned paying attention, we come up with the list.

The importance of self-awareness

Change never happens without awareness. Once the executive understands what the roadblocks are, we can begin to make progress.

I use an assessment to delve into why they do what they do. This awareness of the behaviors and what motivates them lays the foundation for change. And once the bright light of recognition illuminates the issues, most executives want to change.

Reinforcing change

There are many ways to help support change. One is to let others know what you’re trying to do and ask for their help in achieving it. Another is to take small steps and use positive reinforcement for progress. When someone has repeated a behavior for twenty-one straight days, the odds of it becoming a habit go up dramatically.

The upside of change is often enormous. Grow your company, achieve your financial goals and become your very best. And, of course, the downside of not changing is highly undesirable.

One of the most important roles an executive coach plays is the person who holds the executive accountable. On every call or meeting, I ask how the key areas are going. I ask for examples of success and what caused setbacks. Positive change takes time, effort and encouragement. It works.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

Executive coaching and change are inextricably bound together. Every executive has something they can improve. That’s why helping to drive change is of my most important roles. If you are in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida and are interested in finding out more, please contact me.

Executive Coach Krissi Barr

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