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13, February 2019

Executive Coaching and Regrets

Executive coaching and regrets. The two often go hand in hand. Whether I’m coaching someone in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, the pattern is often the same. By the time I’ve earned someone’s trust, I’m usually uncovering reasons why things are off track. And that almost always includes lingering regrets.


Frank Sinatra was an exception when he sang, “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.” Most people I work with have more than a few. And that’s okay.

Different kinds of regrets

The most common regrets involve mistakes we’d rather forget about. Falling asleep on the beach and waking up sunburnt. Failing to remember your spouse’s birthday. Eating a half-gallon of ice cream by yourself.

Goals and the road not taken

The most powerful regrets involve actions we didn’t take connected with things we really want in life. Not applying for that promotion. Failing to put money into your 401-k. Choosing to not match the offer your superstar employee ended up accepting.

The road not taken ends up haunting us. We kick ourselves. And we struggle to let go.

Take action

There is a lesson we can learn besides don’t sleep in the sun. That is this: take action. Be a doer. That’s because it’s better to swing and miss than get called out on strikes.

When you make a mistake, apologize. Most people will forgive you. Then move on. You will have learned something. And probably not make the same mistake again.

Know what’s really important

The other lesson to be learned from regrets is this: know what you really want in life. And go after it with a passion.

It’s okay to try and fail. And then try and fail again. Because eventually you will try, and you will win. The key is knowing what you really want.

Executive coaching and regrets

One day, as you look back on your career, I’m confident you will never regret calling Krissi Barr for executive coaching. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere else in America, I’ll help you uncover what you really want. And I’ll help you let go of what is past and act on what’s ahead. Give me a call. You won’t regret it.

Executive Coach Krissi Barr

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