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17, February 2020

Hiring Assessment Tools and Managing Assessment Tools

Companies want to hire the right people. To do so, they often turn to pre-employment tests called assessments. Then, once the person is hired, they turn to other assessments for managing insights. But are hiring assessment tools and managing assessment tools two completely different things? Cincinnati based Barr Corporate Success has the answer.

Hiring assessment tools

Many companies use assessments as part of the pre-employment hiring process. That’s because some assessments provide insights into both how and why.

Some assessments look at how a person does what they do. This is their behavior. It’s the outward, visible way they do things. Most behavioral assessments produce a DISC analysis.

Will they be assertive? Do they like talking with people? Do they operate at a fast pace or a steady one? Will they have a high level of attention to detail? Just look at their DISC report for behavioral insights.

Culture fit is extremely important to many organizations. That’s why so many want to know what motivates an applicant. This component reveals why they do what they do.

A few assessments provide motivational insights. In less than 15 minutes, a company can discover what attributes will produce powerful engagement. And which won’t.

This includes areas like being motivated to make money, a desire to be in charge and wanting to learn. Other attributes indicate the ability to function well in chaos, why they will help others and their likelihood to color within the lines.

Just being accurate isn’t enough. That’s why the best assessments also don’t put the hiring company at risk. They’re affordable, quick to administer and easy to interpret.

Managing assessment tools

Once someone is on board, the challenges change. And that’s when the same assessment can help HR professionals develop employees.

If there is conflict between two employees, the HR manager can look at the behavioral component of the assessments. Perhaps they are opposites. If so, explain their uniqueness and look for ways to overcome the differences.

Or perhaps they have conflicting motivators. It could be that one wants to go with his gut instinct while the other wants to do exhaustive research. Or they both want to be in charge.

An assessment that looks at both behaviors and motivators is a powerful tool. It helps HR managers identify what the individual’s strengths are. It reveals what roles and responsibilities will likely provide maximum engagement, performance success and job satisfaction.

Assessments from Barr Corporate Success

Barr Corporate Success are assessment experts. They’ve helped hundreds of companies select the perfect assessment for their unique needs. So, if you’re looking for hiring assessment tools and managing assessment tools, look to Barr. And get both in one. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, contact Krissi Barr to find out more.

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