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3, September 2020

Hiring Assessments for Cincinnati Businesses

Many companies use talent assessments to assist with their hiring process. That’s because they want to make sure they bring in the best people. At Barr Corporate Success, we’ve helped hundreds of companies in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida and all over America improve how they approach onboarding. So, let’s take a look at hiring assessments for Cincinnati businesses.

Business assessment basics

The first thing most HR managers want to know is if an assessment puts the company at risk. Safety and compliance are paramount to us, too. That’s why every assessment we offer is EEOC compliant and non-discriminatory. And each one has had an Adverse Impact Study conducted by a third party showing the report does not discriminate based on age, sex, race or ethnicity.

Of course, HR managers want assessments that work, too. That’s why we use TTI assessments. TTI is an Arizona-based company and one of the top five assessment providers in the world. They only sell their assessments through trained value-added resellers. And we’ve been one of their largest for many years.

These assessments provide vivid insights into both current employees and candidates. One component of most assessments is the behavioral analysis, or how they do what they do. The TTI version of it is a high-definition DISC assessment. Uniquely, the assessment includes both what someone is high in and what they are low in. Plus, it has 384 different possible profiles, compared to 16 or 64 that many other assessments use. This helps provide more detailed and precise insights.

The other component that’s frequently used is on motivators. Companies want to know why a person will do what they do. These motivators indicate how much someone is driven by money, can they function in chaos and do they want to be in charge. It includes how open a person is to change, will they want to learn continuously and how much they will help others. These and other factors provide powerful insights into why some people are more likely to succeed in various roles.

Using business assessments in hiring

Putting assessments to work in your hiring process is easy. You like the resume, they did well on the phone interview and in the first face-to-face interview. Then email them a link to take the assessment. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete. And you get the 48-page report seconds after they finish.

The assessment report is easy to read and filled with practical forward-looking information. It fills in a lot of blanks. Most importantly, it gives you insight on the candidate’s behaviors and motivators. And these are critical elements to understanding potential future performance.

The results should be weighed against interviews, reference checks and other objective analysis. And while it is a key element in the hiring decision, no assessment should be a hire/don’t hire indicator.

Krissi Barr, business assessment expert

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success is an expert at using talent assessments to hire the best candidates. Plus, she’s helped hundreds of companies improve corporate culture, job performance and overall results. If you are interested in learning more about hiring assessments for Cincinnati businesses, please contact Krissi Barr. Even if you’re in Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida or anywhere in America.

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