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17, July 2023

How To Be Awesome

OK. I admit that how to be awesome is a somewhat silly headline. And it may sound overly simplistic. But it’s true that there are a few things that can take a leader from good to great. It makes no difference if you’re thinking about strategic planning or executive coaching. Or whether you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana or Jacksonville, Florida.


The fastest track to awesomeness goes through self-awareness. Great leaders understand who they really are. They look in the mirror and study what they see.

The best way to do that is by using an assessment. We have used one for 20 years and have found it to be the best combination of actionable insights, total value, ease of use and safety (won’t put your organization in jeopardy). It combines behaviors (how we do what we do) and motivators (why we do what we do). If you’re ready to get clarity on your hows and whys—or those of your entire team—give us a call.

Servant Leadership

The servant leader is an unusual combination. One part is there to help others. The other to lead. And usually, the two don’t coexist in the same person.

But the servant leader knows there is a time and place for everything. Their first job is to lead. Yet the way they do that is by following, supporting and serving others.

Money and people

The topic of how to be awesome wouldn’t be complete without addressing the balance between money and people. That’s because the best leaders find a way to get it right. Typically, business leaders are money driven. That’s good because the drive to succeed financially is often a prerequisite to goal achievement.

But they also balance their economic interests with those of the people on their team. The need to have a cohesive team that goes above and beyond to deliver for customers is often the biggest differentiator in business. And you can’t fake your way to employee loyalty. It’s a two-way street paved with hard work, sacrifice and a belief in the organization as a whole.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

Krissi Barr has helped hundreds—if not thousands—of business leaders learn how to be awesome. She’s one of America’s top strategic planning facilitators and most sought-after executive coaches. And she gets results. In Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Jacksonville, Florida and far beyond. If you are ready to learn more about how you or your entire team can be more awesome, please reach out.

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