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30, October 2019

How to Hire the Right Employees

Every company faces the same challenge: how to hire the right employees. Sure, you can bring in candidates. And many of them look good. But how do you know who will turn into a great hire? Whether you are in Cincinnati, Ohio or anywhere in America, Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success can help. With her assessments, you’ll get more of what you’re looking for. And less of what you aren’t.

The Basics

You know the basics. Look in the right places for strong candidates. Get them to apply. Read their resume. Check their references. Do a phone interview. Meet them in person. Clearly define the “must have” and “required” qualifications. Use assessments to get further insights. Interview again. Ask probing questions and listen carefully.

Success Story on Hiring Better

One of our customers had a problem. They onboarded plenty of people. Some were great. But too many of them washed out after less than a year.

We helped them change that. It started at a meeting with their senior managers. There we defined what the job looked like. We identified the most important skills they wanted in a candidate. Then we selected the key behavioral traits they needed. Finally, we zeroed in on the motivators that drove excellent performance.

All of this work turned into a benchmark. The skills, behaviors and motivators that produce success in that job.

They we tested that benchmark on their current employees. They had six people take the assessment.  Three of them were performing at a high level. And three were struggling.

We received all of the assessment reports. They didn’t tell us who was who. Would we be able to identify the ones who should be a great fit simply by looking at the reports?

The answer was yes. And it was easy to do. We created a new report that showed how each person compared to the benchmark. This new gap report showed the superstar employees had the skills, behaviors and motivators they wanted. The ones who were struggling didn’t.

With the benchmark validated, they began using the assessment process. This let them identify who has the right stuff before they’re hired. And it worked.

Assessments from Barr Corporate Success

There’s something even better than dramatically improving your odds when hiring. That’s knowing that the assessment you use is EEOC compliant and has an independent adverse impact study. And that it is extremely affordable. Plus, the assessments are fast and easy to take, online or on a smart phone.

If you want to know how to hire the right employees, call Krissi Barr. She and her team are certified assessment experts. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, Barr Corporate Success will create a program to help you make better hiring decisions.

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