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17, June 2020

How to Win During These Turbulent Times

It’s safe to say none of us have gone through anything like this before. Unchartered waters are always unnerving. And when you combine a global pandemic, record unemployment and social unrest, the future becomes even fuzzier. Yet there are clear strategies on how to win during these turbulent times. Here are some ideas I’ve shared with my executive coaching and strategic planning customers in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida and all over America.

Get Your Finances in Order

Now is when a good CFO is so critical. A strong CFO can provide the CEO with insights into cash flow, profitability and much more. And, they likely were instrumental in getting a PPP loan for your business. While the overall market is cautiously optimistic—and has shown some very positive signs—it is impossible to predict the future with certainty.

Prepare for Multiple Contingencies

When it comes to the coronavirus, anything can happen. A vaccine could begin to roll out this winter, or it could be another year from now. A second wave of infections could hit the US this fall, or not. My advice: get your organization to follow the CDC guidelines so you keep your customers and employees safe. At least some employees working remotely some of the time is here to stay.

COVID-19 put tens of millions of people on unemployment. Your employees may feel less secure. And many good people are out of work. My advice: keep telling your people what is going on within your company and how much you value them. Hold on to your top talent and look to upgrade your workforce.

Protests could continue against police discrimination, or there could be progress and an easing of tensions. My advice: examine your organization to see how it reflects the cultural diversity of your community and customer base.

Winning is a Mindset

Every business leader wants to win. But winning in business isn’t like a baseball game. In baseball, the game ends and a winner is decided after nine innings. In business, there is no end.

Success is a mindset. Leaders help their team win every day. Some days they take small steps. Other days, giant leaps. Leaders must be determined to make positive progress every day.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

Great leaders bring in people with a winning attitude and strong a culture fit. Then they help their team reach its greatest potential. And that’s what we do at Barr Corporate Success. Through our executive coaching, strategic planning and assessments, we help companies succeed. We create and implement plans for how to win during these turbulent times. Whether you are in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida or anywhere else in America, if you would like to know how we can help you, please give us a call.

Krissi Barr, Executive Coach

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