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30, May 2018

How Virtual Coaching Works

Virtual coaching has finally caught on. As well it should since it’s the perfect alternative to face-to-face executive coaching. Even if you and your business coach Krissi Barr are both in Cincinnati, it’s time to see how virtual coaching could still be a great option.

Virtual Coaching Defined

The phrase “virtual coaching” refers to an executive coaching session where the coach and the coachee are not in the same room. In the past, the only viable option was a phone call. And while that is still a good option, it’s really a last resort.

New Technology

Now that everyone has a free videoconferencing app on their smartphone, it’s time to make use of this amazing technology. For iPhone users, nothing beats the ease, quality and intimacy of a FaceTime call. For those sitting across from a laptop, a video Skype call is ideal.

There’s a reason why the executive coach wants to see the person they’re coaching, not just hear them. As everyone knows, people multitask on phone calls. That isn’t the case when you’re on a video call. Executive coaches know that unless the coachee is fully engaged, the odds of making progress diminish.

When Virtual Coaching Is Used

The short answer is when both people aren’t in the same room. Given the amount of travel many business leaders face, and last-minute schedule changes, having a virtual coaching option can come in handy.

There’s another situation when virtual coaching makes sense: when the coach you want isn’t in your city, state or even country. The ease of use and low cost of videoconferencing has brought remote business coaching to every corner of the world.

Barr Corporate Success

Krissi Barr has been using virtual coaching for almost 15 years. For those not located in Cincinnati, her preference is to start the coaching relationship with a face-to-face meeting and then switch to virtual coaching. Krissi has successfully coached people all over the US, Canada, Europe and Australia using this approach. Of course, she can always get in her car or fly to your office. When you’re ready to begin your executive coaching with one of the best business coaches in the world, give Krissi a call. You can work out the logistics later.

Virtual coach Krissi Barr

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