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27, June 2018

Independence Day

Smack dab in the middle of next week lies the most American of holidays: Independence Day. We celebrate it every fourth of July because that’s day in 1776 the thirteen colonies declared their independence from England. Maybe it’s time for another revolution. My suggestion is to declare your independence from business as usual.

Let me explain. I’m a consultant. That means I talk with, advise and coach lots of business people. And one of the things I hear over and over is “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” If the subject is putting on your socks before your shoes, then you’ve got a good point. But if you’re talking about many other aspects of doing business, maybe it’s time to throw the tea in the harbor and rethink it.

That’s because business as usual is over.

The world has changed. And then changed again ten more times. If you or your team hasn’t changed how you make or deliver or produce or manage or measure or market or create whatever the heck it is you do, then you’re overdue for a revolution.

The businesses that will inherit the earth are those best able to adapt. Sometimes change is a gradual process that slowly nibbles at the edges. Other times it’s an earthquake that seemingly comes out of nowhere and changes everything.

Take a moment to reflect.

Most of us will celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with our family. Playing, laughing and oohing and aahing at the fireworks. We are all truly blessed to live in the most amazing country on the face of the earth.

Sometime between now and then, take a few moments to turn off your computer. Put your phone in the other room. Close the door. And just think quietly for a few minutes.

Ask yourself how well prepared you and your company are for what is guaranteed to be a very different future. How can you attract and retain the right people with the mindsets and skills needed? What new techniques and methodologies do you need to add to your playbook to win in two to five years? What do you need to do now so you’re ready to lead and succeed?

Then take action.

People hire me because I ask good questions. I help smart people think in new ways, act more decisively and communicate more effectively. I work with my clients to create a strategic plan that takes them where they need to go. We incorporate new ways to hire the right people. We figure out what needs to stay and what needs to change.

This July 4th of July declare your independence from business as usual. I live in Cincinnati but work with clients all over America. Please reach out and let’s talk if you’re interested in how I could help you or your company. Just don’t call at dusk. I’ll be watching the fireworks.

Independence Day consultant

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