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7, March 2018

Signs You Work with a Great Business Management Consulting Firm

Well-run companies usually have many things in common: strong leadership, a capable executive team and clear direction. Don’t be surprised if many of them also work with a highly-capable business management consulting firm. In Cincinnati and across America, one indicator of a well-run company is seeing Krissi Barr’s car in the parking lot.

Let’s look at the signs that a company is working with a great business management consulting firm.

The parking lot is full

The cars and trucks are a mixture of customers’ and employees’. Looks like a beehive of activity going on inside the building. It appears that the business is running at full employment.

Low employee turnover

Employees are happy and don’t leave for greener pastures. Their efforts are appreciated, they see a future with the company and they believe in what the business does. Management has found a way to engage the entire workforce.

Sales and profits are up

They use insightful pre-employment assessments, so they hire the right people for the job. Then they train them, both initially and on an ongoing basis. Internal communications are excellent, so front-line workers share customer feedback with design, production and salespeople. That all adds up to product and service improvements that stay a step ahead of the competition.

They know where they are going

The company did strategic planning that incorporated input from key team members. Everyone bought in to the plan and began executing it. Managers hold their team and themselves accountable for delivering on the implementation goals.

Leadership is a mindset

Great companies attract, develop and promote top talent. Executives develop leaders by displaying positive leadership qualities at every opportunity. They embrace change and they fix problems.

If these sound like your company, congratulations. You probably are working with a great business management consulting firm. If you are in Cincinnati and this sounds like your company, you’re probably working with Krissi Barr. Invest in yourself and your company’s future: contact Barr Corporate Success and work with one of the best business management consulting firms in America.

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