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21, March 2019

Leadership Wisdom of Dogs Speech

Some weeks are more enjoyable than others. This was an especially fun one. I gave two speeches at the Global Pet Expo, the world’s largest pet-related trade show. Yes, it was nice to get out of Cincinnati in the winter and go to Orlando for a few days. But the highlight was delivering my Leadership Wisdom of Dogs speech to an enthusiastic and large crowd of people who really know dogs!

Global Pet Expo

As the biggest trade show of its kind, the Global Pet Expo is THE place to find anything for that special animal in your family. Everything you’ve ever bought for your pet bird, fish or cat was there at the Orange County Convention Center.

Did I mention dogs? Oh my gosh, they had every imaginable dog food, toy or gizmo somewhere inside that gigantic building. It was dog lover heaven.

Leadership Wisdom of Dogs Speech

The trade show organizers asked me to give two speeches. The first was my Leadership Wisdom of Dogs speech. This made all the sense in the world given the show’s theme. And much to my delight, the crowd loved it!

One person came up to me afterward to tell me how much she enjoyed the presentation. “I’ve been coming to this show for fifteen years,” she said, “and your Fido speech was the best I’ve ever seen!”

The material is based on the book I wrote with my husband called The Fido Factor. It’s all about how great leaders, like great dogs, have four traits in common. They are Faithful, Inspirational, Determined and Observant. I give examples and make it visually exciting by adding some amazing dog images to my PowerPoint.

Get the Right Things Done Speech

Later I delivered my Get the Right Things Done speech to an even larger crowd. It is based on the first book I co-authored with my husband called Plugged. The core takeaway message is PAR. Prioritize, Adapt and be Responsible.

I frankly expected Fido to be the bigger draw, but later I realized that the daily show magazine had a full-page article promoting my second speech.

Keynote Speaker Krissi Barr

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for an event, give me a call. My favorite topics are leadership and getting the right things done. I know how to engage an audience, keep them entertained and leave them with some powerful takeaway concepts. Whether your event is in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, give me a call!



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