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25, March 2020

Mindset for persevering

Like most CEOs, I’m talking with scores of people on a daily basis. Some of this is through my executive coaching and strategic planning facilitation work. And some is just with friends, neighbors and family members. Most of the people I speak with are in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida and others are all over the country. Most want to develop their team’s mindset for persevering through these difficult times. It occurred to me that the core message from my first book is an excellent roadmap.

Here’s the gist of it: prioritize, adapt and be responsible. Those three ideas produce the acronym PAR. Let’s break it down.

Prioritize—focus on what matters most

Start by asking what your highest priorities are. Make a list of everything swirling around you and assign each a priority. Then focus on those that matter most. Let the others go for now.

For most CEOs, their top priorities today are:

  • The health and safety of your family and employees
  • Your organization’s ability to get through the crisis and emerge ready to grow again
  • The ability of your employees to weather the coming hardships and challenges


Adapt—see change as an opportunity

Most people don’t like change. Yet we’re all being forced to make many changes in our lives. Social distancing. Hand washing. Working from home. Canceling events. Delaying wedding receptions. The list goes on.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t like change, now’s the time to shift your attitude. Embrace the ability to adapt to a new reality. Then spread that mindset throughout your organization. You’ll be surprised by how much creativity you unleash.

For example, one of my customers just landed a big new order. It came about when they shifted their thinking from “this is what we make” to “what is it our customers need now?”

Be Responsible—take ownership of the outcome

It’s never been more apparent how interconnected we all are. Even so, your organization’s success ultimately comes back to the choices each team member makes.

When we take ownership of the outcome, we feel the weight of responsibility. And it feels good. We act in ways that inspire, challenge and lead those around us. Good things happen because we refuse to allow any other outcome.

Here to help in any way

Throughout my eighteen-year career as a consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of companies and thousands of people. Executive coach, strategic planning, talent assessments to help hire and manage. Yes, those are some of the things we do. And now I’m adding “helping people develop a mindset for persevering.” Put PAR to use in your life and good things will happen. And if I can help you or your team persevere, give me a call. We work with clients in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida and all over America. We’ll get through this.

Cincinnati business consultant Krissi Barr

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