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7, September 2018

Online Executive Coaching

The world is filled with things we can do online: buy just about anything and have it shipped to you, make dinner reservations at that new restaurant in Cincinnati and look up the chords and lyrics of your favorite song. One of the newer things that can also be done is online executive coaching.

Executive coach here, you there

The idea is simple enough: you’re in one place and your executive coach is in another. You talk on the phone or through your computer. Using Skype or FaceTime improves the impact because you can see each other. You share documents electronically. It’s executive coaching, only you aren’t in the same room.

How executive coaching works

Krissi Barr has successfully coached hundreds of people. While most of those were face-to-face, a growing number have been virtual.

“A typical executive coaching relationship consists of a series of meetings and conversations,” Barr said. “Most coaching relationships extend over a number of months, with several sessions per month.”

“It all starts with establishing the goals” Barr said. “These can be objectives like improving executive presence, boosting leadership qualities or eliminating negative behaviors. Then the real work begins.”

Effectiveness of online executive coaching

Is there a difference in the effectiveness between face-to-face and online coaching? “There is no doubt that sitting across the table from someone improves focus,” Barr said. “I always prefer coaching in person, so I can look them in the eye and read body language. But online executive coaching has its place, too.”

“Once an in-person relationship has been established, virtual coaching is a great way to keep the ball rolling when meeting face-to-face just won’t work,” Barr said.

“My strong preference is to use Skype or FaceTime, so we can see each other. It’s ideal for situations when the executive is traveling on business.”

“I’ve had many successful executive coaching relationships that were 100% online,” Barr said. “The key to that success was having clear goals and a deep understanding of the individual, all while maintaining a consistent meeting schedule. I’ve coached people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England and all over the United States. It works!”

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

Krissi Barr is considered one of America’s top executive coaches. In her 15 years of consulting, she’s worked with over 500 people in Cincinnati and throughout the world. If you are interested in executive coaching for you or your team, contact Krissi Barr to learn how she can help you achieve your coaching goals.

Executive Coach Krissi Barr

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