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29, March 2017

Do You Practice the 5 “A’s” of Strategy Execution?

While 70% of executives believe they have a good strategy in place, there’s a disconnect in most companies between strategy formulation and strategy execution.  Lack of execution and daily distractions result in only 10% of strategies being successfully implemented, according to Harvard Business Review, Balanced Scorecard, and Kaplan & Norton. So how do you join the elite group of companies that execute on their strategic plan? According to Krissi Barr of Cincinnati based Barr Corporate Success, you need to focus on the 5 A’s of strategy execution.

1. Strategic Alignment 
Is your vision for the future supported by a strategic plan that aligns your business units toward achievement of stated objectives? Alignment exists when the leadership team supports the vision and strategy with one voice.

The strategy drives focused actions and the allocation of scarce resources. Teams work together effectively, silos are torn down, and the right work gets done.

2. Personal & Team Accountability 
Do your key players have performance plans, definitive actions, and progress measurements? They’re all necessary components of personal and team accountability. With a clear vision of how their contributions fit into corporate strategy, each team member creates their own clear, step-by-step path to success.

3. Disciplined Action 
When it’s time to get your hands dirty, do you dig into the hard work? Or let daily distractions and obstacles get in the way? To keep their priorities in sight, teams’ need passion, discipline and excellence. Constant feedback from leadership helps them learn and improve along the way.

To foster disciplined action in their companies, leaders and teams need to focus on corporate objectives, set amazing performance goals and define metrics. Those all set the stage for taking focused, disciplined action.

4. Can & Will Do Attitude 
You must combine both the human and business elements—the head and the heart—to implement a plan. Leadership challenges become more complex the more your company grows.

Because personal performance is intertwined with corporate performance, it’s crucial for leaders to work one-on-one to bring out everyone’s potential while addressing capability and mindset obstacles. Build up business brains and emotional intelligence to achieve amazing performance driven by amazing attitudes.

5. Amazing Achievements
With a focus on what’s really important and what contributes to growth, people start accomplishing things that industry analysts, competitors, co-workers, prospects, customers say, “Wow, they’re doing what?” Results are immediate, growth is sustainable and profitability long-term. New money on the bottom-line. Operational brilliance. Superior teamwork. Business, team and personal growth.

How are you and your team doing on the 5 A’s? If you need help in one or more areas, contact Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success. Whether you are in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, she and her team have the experience necessary to get your organization on track. If your business struggles with the 5 As, it might also be a sign that it’s time to invest in executive coaching.

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