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25, January 2018

The Seven Biggest Mistakes in Strategic Planning, Cincinnati

Everyone knows how important strategic planning is to an organization. It’s the time when you chart your course for the future. As you do, beware of seven common mistakes companies can make when they dive into strategic planning in Cincinnati or anywhere in the world.

Strategic Planning Mistake #1 — “Let’s wait.” There is nothing sacred about doing strategic planning at a certain time of the year. Many organizations do their strategic planning prior to the start of their new fiscal year. If your company doesn’t have a strategic plan, or market conditions have changed dramatically, don’t wait.

Strategic Planning Mistake #2 — “Who, what, when?” Make sure you are crystal clear on who is doing what by when. Be specific on what metrics will be used to measure progress.

Strategic Planning Mistake #3 — “Monitor the milestones.” One of the key elements in getting on and staying on the right course is following up regularly. Monthly progress reports are great but also hold quarterly meetings to ensure milestones are hit and adjustments are made.

Strategic Planning Mistake #4 — “The right voices.” Accept nothing less than the best input. That may mean casting a wider net to hear more voices for new ideas.

Strategic Planning Mistake #5 — “DIY.” You don’t cut your own hair or do your own taxes. That’s why you should bring in an experienced professional when strategic planning in Cincinnati to facilitate. Maximize your investment and dramatically increase your likelihood of success.

Strategic Planning Mistake #6 — “Get real.” The most amazing strategic plan in the world isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if you don’t have the resources necessary to pull it off. This includes people, money, equipment, relationships and intellectual properties. Your human resources are your most important asset, which is why it’s vital to continue to develop your leadership team, upgrade your bench and attract new talent.

Strategic Planning Mistake #7 — “We’re good.” Don’t rest on your laurels. The world is changing at a blistering rate. Get ahead of the curve or get kicked to the curb.

Krissi Barr, founder and CEO of Barr Corporate Success, has led hundreds of strategic planning sessions. Her unique ability to bring out the best ideas and hold people accountable makes her one of the most sought-after consultants in America. Before your next strategic planning in Cincinnati or anywhere in the world, talk with Krissi to discover how you can avoid the seven biggest mistakes…and lead your enterprise to its greatest success.

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