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20, February 2018

Seven Misconceptions About Business Coaching Services

Initially we were surprised by all the misconceptions we heard about executive coaching. But the more we thought about it, the more sense it makes. After all, if you haven’t experienced something—whether it’s snowboarding in a halfpipe or changing your baby’s diapers for the first time—it’s hard to visualize it. That same principle applies to business coaching services in Cincinnati or anywhere in the world.

So let’s clear up the most common misunderstandings about business coaching services.

Misconception #1: Coaching is only for big companies

That used to be true. Today, though, companies of all sizes use business coaching services. Whether it’s the owner of a 20-person service provider or the manager at a global manufacturing behemoth, coaching can help anyone become their best.

Misconception #2: Coaching is only for the CEO & VPs

Not anymore. While top executives cast a bigger shadow on their company, many organizations have incorporated business coaching for mid-level managers, high-potential employees and mission-critical roles.

Misconception #3: Coaching is only for individuals, not teams

Nope. So much work these days is reliant on fully functional teams, so while one-on-one coaching is still enormously popular, there’s been a big surge in team coaching.

Misconception #4: Coaching is expensive

Not really. While world-famous coaches are more expensive than newbies, the real issue is return on investment. A great coach and a willing “student” will invariably produce an ROI that makes a CFO smile.

Misconception #5: Coaching is only used when there are problems

Business coaching services make a lot of sense when there is a glaring deficiency. But a great coach will also accentuate the positives, illuminate new ideas and help the person reach their highest potential. 90% of what we do at Barr Corporate Success is 411 and 10% is 911. Most coaching is far more developmental than correctional.

Misconception #6: Coaching is inconvenient

Nah. It’s true that nothing beats face-to-face coaching, but once that relationship is established, phone or video calls make meeting easy. Since coaches almost always meet at their clients’ offices, it doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Misconception #7: Coaching is time consuming

Most business coaching services only account for 1% of someone’s monthly work time. At Barr Corporate Success we never waste time, we make people more productive and we don’t give homework (only tools that apply directly to someone’s normal course of business).

At Barr Corporate Success we’ve overcome all of these misconceptions as we helped people with business coaching services in Cincinnati and all over the world. If you are interested in learning more about coaching, please give us a call. If you need help visualizing what changing a baby’s diaper looks like, you’re on your own.

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