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9, August 2021

Strategic Planning in Kentucky

I’ve recently done a lot of strategic planning in Kentucky. Which is great, because I love KY and do a lot of executive coaching and employee assessment work there. And while I still do a great deal of work in Cincinnati, Ohio and Jacksonville, Florida, there are some notable differences.

Kentucky pride

One of the first things I noticed about Kentuckians is how proud they are of their state. And for good reason. It’s history, beauty, resources and talent stand out among other parts of America.

The people I’ve worked with in Kentucky love their state. And they’ll go out of their way to let you know that.

Strategic planning in Kentucky

I work with companies and organizations to help facilitate their strategic planning process. This means I lead the process, structure the discussions and cut off debate when necessary. I get input from the people with ideas, not necessarily the loudest in the room.

We get through the agenda. Under other facilitators, key topics never saw the light of day. In contrast, I make sure there is agreement up front on what needs to get done. So, we get it done.

Kentuckians are great strategic planners. They understand the value of having a detailed road map for their future. More importantly, they are extremely open to having a facilitator work with their leadership team to tackle the challenge.

I’ve done strategic planning facilitation in Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort and northern Kentucky. And I’ve noticed how eager teams there are to listening, contributing important insights and pressing for accountability. It makes a world of difference.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

I’ve facilitated over 500 strategic plans in my professional career. I know how to get the most out of limited time. More importantly, my customers chart the path to the future they want. And have a detailed road map on how to get there. In that way, strategic planning in Kentucky is a lot like in Cincinnati, Ohio and Jacksonville, Florida. It just feels like more fun doing it in the Bluegrass state. If you are interested in upping your approach to strategic planning—or you’re interested in executive coaching or behavioral assessments—please give me a call.

Strategic Planning Expert Krissi Barr

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