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8, February 2022

Super Bowl Thoughts

We spent most of our lives living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Which is why even though we now reside on Amelia Island in Florida, we are rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals in this weekend’s Super Bowl. As with many topics, we’ll somehow find a way to tie in these Super Bowl thoughts into executive coaching, strategic planning and behavioral assessments. And to all our friends in Kentucky: you always looked great in orange and black!


The last time the Cincinnati Bengals were in the Super Bowl was 34 years ago. They’ve had some good teams and some bad teams over the years. But they couldn’t find a way to get to the big game. Until now.

Build your team with people who have that never-give-up mindset. Odds are they won’t have to wait decades to win. But a highly persistent outlook will give them the resiliency to keep going through the inevitable tough times.

Change is good

The ownership is the same because, well, it’s really good to own an NFL team. But that doesn’t mean they have to keep coaches. Cincinnati’s owner brought in a new head coach three years ago: Zac Taylor. His first two seasons produced two and four wins, respectively. This year his team could win it all.

What changed besides leadership? Their quarterback, Joe Burrow. He’s in his second year as a pro, and it looks like it’s all coming together. He has the experience and cast of outstanding players surrounding him. Joe won the Heisman (best player in college) and led his team to the college national championship. In other words, he is really good.

You need to always be looking to upgrade the talent on your team. Don’t confuse loyalty with building your bench strength. Always be looking to add better players to your team.


Finally, the Bengals simply believe that they can win. They’ve been down late in several games this year and came back to prevail. That winning mindset can carry a team when it’s crunch time. And there is no bigger crunch time than the championship game. Plus, those positive Super Bowl thoughts can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

This Sunday we’ll find out if the Cincinnati Bengals can beat the LA Rams. It’s a home game for the Californians, which makes it an even greater challenge for my team. But I like the Bengals’ odds. If you are interested in discussing Super Bowl thoughts—or executive coaching, strategic planning or even the use of assessments to help your organization—please give me a call. I work with companies in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and the Jacksonville, Florida area. Who-dey!

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