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3, August 2018

The Dog Days of Summer

August shouldn’t be that different from other months. But it is. It’s the tail end of summer. The last chance for people to take time off before school and Labor Day and the long march to year end. It’s the time when anyone working with an executive coach in Cincinnati or anywhere else should take a moment to reflect.

Executive coaching and new capabilities

Some people work with an executive coach to learn new skills. These could be to improve listening, boost clarity of communication or show more empathy. Many business people want to develop their ability to lead, to get more done in a day or to learn how to focus on the most important issues.

If you’re working on self-improvement, use the dog days of summer to let these ideas seep in a little deeper. As you cut the grass, reflect on the leadership aspects you want to advance. As you paddle across a lake, think about what success looks like. And as you get ready to hit an important tee shot, remember to keep your head down and don’t think about your next management meeting.

Like watering your trees during a drought, let the lessons you’ve been taught sink in slowly. Let them get to the roots.

Executive coaching and areas for improvement

August is also a good time to ponder the things you need to improve. If you’ve been working with an executive coach on areas that need correction, consider them as you take a walk along the seashore. Even when we’re with others, we all have private moments when we can mull things over. Few things are more important than resolving to correct the behaviors that are holding you back.

Embrace the end of summer

Picnics, time off with family, laughter with friends. August gives each of us one more chance to make summer memories. All too soon it will be cold, dark and Q4. Let the words of your executive coach sink in. It’s good advice. Take it. Do something good with it. Become your best self.

dog days of summer

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