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23, September 2020

The Importance of Adapting

The coronavirus continues to reshape the business world. Many people work more from home than their offices. Restaurants and retail have had to reinvent their business models. Zoom meetings have replaced in-person meetings. To succeed in these turbulent times means you’ve embraced the importance of adapting. And executive coaching or strategic planning can help your leaders adapt in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida or anywhere in America.


Change is inevitable. But it isn’t a constant. In fact, it seems to come in fits and starts. Things stay relatively constant until there is a disruption. Then it’s a frenzy to catch up or adjust to the new environment.

To make things more challenging, most people don’t like change. It feels disruptive. And they don’t like disruption. In fact, they like things the way they were. Unfortunately, those days are gone.

The importance of adapting is a mindset

In my first book, Plugged, I said it this way: you need to see change as an opportunity. It’s a way to move forward and embrace the future…not hold on to the past. That still holds true today.

It wasn’t that long ago that people used to flock to restaurants, bars, sports stadiums and concert halls. Oh, how fast things have changed. And not long before that, people didn’t have a phone with instant weather, stock market, music and virtually everything else available at the touch of a button.

How did we adapt to all these changes? In some cases, we were forced to adapt. In others, we saw the benefits of the new ways of doing things. Of course, no one likes to be forced to change. But we buy in more readily when it’s part of our desire to move toward what we want, not what we don’t want.

Practice the ability to adapt

Your ability to adapt is like a muscle. If you never use it, it atrophies. But the more you use it, the easier it gets.

Start by reminding yourself of the obvious benefits of adapting to change. Most people agree it’s better to be ahead of the curve than behind it. So, resolve to get ahead of it.

Get out of your ruts. Try new things. New menu items, new TV shows, new music genres, new ways to drive home. You’ll find you like some better. Although I must admit I just don’t care for kimchi.

Krissi Barr can help

I’ve helped hundreds of companies—and over a thousand people—improve their ability to adapt to change. Sometimes it’s as simple as allowing yourself to think differently. But it’s critical to get there, whether it’s through executive coaching or strategic planning. The importance of adapting boils down to this: change the game…or have the game changed on you. If you would like to learn how my executive coaching or strategic planning can help your business, please give me a call. Barr Corporate Success works with clients in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida and all over America.

Krissi Barr, Executive Coach

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