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10, April 2020

The question you should ask now

We all want answers. But sometimes, it’s the questions that take center stage. If you are a CEO, business owner or executive, here’s the question you should ask now. If this crisis ends in 2 months, what would we want to be different about our company? I’ve used a variation of this in my strategic planning and executive coaching meetings. And it always gets people thinking. Today, this one question can help you shift from defense to offense. And it works whether your business is in Cincinnati or anywhere in America.

Zoom with your leadership team

Schedule a thirty-minute video meeting with your leadership team. Then lay that question on them. This isn’t a meeting to address tactical issues. Use a separate meeting to figure out what to do now to deal with the current crisis. And do that first.

Why this question is so important

Here’s the question again:

If this crisis ends in 2 months, what would we want to be different about our company?

This question gets to the bigger issues of change, culture, innovation and even mission.

As you discuss it, lock in the first element. That’s the “If this crisis ends in 2 months” part. For now, stick with the original premise.

Then dive into the meat of the matter. “What would we want to be different about our company?”

Look for actionable ideas

There’s a practical point to all this. Every business in America has been forced to make changes. So has every person. And we all see things a little differently now. We look at things in new ways. The world has changed.

Capitalize on this moment. Think outside the box. Maybe its painfully obvious you need more innovation. Or maybe you’ve seen your team rally together and want to keep it that way. You may discover you need to approach your market differently.

Strategic planning and executive coaching

At Barr Corporate Success, our business isn’t to tell clients what they want to hear. It’s to tell them what they need to hear. Sometimes that means getting leaders to rethink the status quo. Or focusing on the question you should ask now. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, please contact Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success if you have a question you’d like to ask us.

Executive Coach Krissi Barr

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