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9, January 2020

The Right People in the Right Seats

The right people in the right seats. It’s easier than it sounds. You want a financial analyst with attention to detail and a salesperson who builds relationships. Not necessarily a financial analyst who builds relationships and a salesperson with attention to detail. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, now there’s a way to upgrade your team and boost productivity.

The Right People

Let’s start with “the right people” part of the equation. When you hire someone, you’re looking to fill a position. So, you look for candidates with the skills and experience you’ve outlined for that role.

That’s a good start. But there’s a lot more to it. You also want someone who has the right soft skills. Things like culture fit and engagement. Someone who will add to the group dynamics, not subtract from it.

Behaviors, Motivators and Skills

We’ve been using an assessment that precisely identifies these attributes. How someone does what they do (behaviors). Why they do what they do (motivators). And the capabilities they bring to the job (skills).

In about 30 minutes, you’ll have an accurate, detailed understanding. Perfect as part of the hiring decision. Plus, it’s affordable and EEOC compliant. The beauty of this assessment is it helps you determine if this is the right person with the right culture fit.

In the Right Seats

Once you have people on board, then it’s time to reassess if they’re in the right seats. Again, this assessment reveals the behaviors (DISC) and motivators (driving forces) that often determine success in a role.

What about the skills, you ask? You can teach people skills. It’s a lot harder to change how people behave. And even harder to get them to want to do something they don’t want to do. Once you have this insight you can make sure they’re in the right seats.

Assessments from Barr Corporate Success

We’ve helped hundreds of companies identify the right candidates. And we’ve helped even more see if their current employees are in the right roles. If you want to make sure you have the right people in the right seats, call Cincinnati based Barr Corporate Success. We’ll send you a free assessment so you can see the powerful insights and actionable value for yourself. Make this the year you upgrade your team and boost your productivity.

Cincinnati Business Coach Krissi Barr



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