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21, November 2019

Three Reasons Why Experience Matters in Executive Coaching

Seems like a new executive coach pops up every day. That’s okay, America is a big country. But one of the most important areas to consider when choosing a coach is experience. That goes for coaching an individual or a team. So, if you’re looking for a business coach in Cincinnati, let me share three reasons why experience matters in executive coaching.

Empathy and familiarity

With experience comes empathy and familiarity. I’ve run businesses, headed divisions and led teams. I’ve also worked at a family business and started my own company.

All of this means I can relate. I’ve been there and done that. I can put myself in your shoes because I’ve worn them.

When you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ve seen all the ways things and people can go sideways. More importantly, you’ve seen the approaches and solutions that work. And the ones that don’t.

Credibility and connection

My extensive experience in the business world gives me credibility. And that credibility gives me the opportunity to quickly form a connection.

Many people come into an executive coaching relationship with some apprehension. They’ve never had a coach, so they don’t know what to expect. My successful leadership roles in several industries gives me a relatable track record. Plus, I founded my executive coaching business 18 years ago. Over those years, I’ve worked with thousands of people and hundreds of companies. There isn’t much I haven’t seen.

The ability to connect with people is a gift. It’s one that helped me sell billions of dollars’ worth of services when I wore a salesperson’s hat. And it helps me rapidly build relationships with virtually every person I coach. Finally, I genuinely care about my clients.

Ideas and solutions

Once trust has been built in the executive coaching relationship—and clear objectives set—its time to start making progress. Some coaches follow the franchise road map. I write my own playbook.

As an independent executive coach, I pull ideas from everywhere. Inspiration can come from magazine articles, books or advanced training. It could come from one of the books I’ve written, my MBA or coaching certification from Wharton.

Truth is, powerful solutions are a synthesis of everything. Things I’ve done. People I’ve worked with. Challenges I’ve faced.

Krissi Barr, Cincinnati’s top executive coach

Maybe you’re thinking about getting an executive coach for yourself, to help you reach your greatest potential. Or maybe it’s for an employee who’s struggling. It could be for a team or someone with high potential. For any of those situations, please give me a call. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, let me show you the importance of these three reasons why experience matters in executive coaching.

Executive Coach Krissi Barr

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