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7, May 2018

Two Out of Three CEOs Not Getting Outside Executive Coaching

A Stanford University study showed that nearly two thirds of all CEOs do not receive executive coaching or leadership advice from someone outside the company. Interestingly, nearly all of the respondents said they enjoy receiving leadership advice. And to top it off, less than half of the non-CEO senior executives receive coaching. So, it’s clear: it is lonely at the top. But it doesn’t have to be.

Why CEOs and top executives don’t receive executive coaching

Unaware of executive coaching options

Business coaching has come a long way in the last few decades. Today there are plenty of highly qualified executive coaches, all over the country. But since coaching has grown dramatically in recent years, many CEOs and business owners are simply unaware of their options.

Sign of weakness

Some business leaders still think using an outside consultant is a sign of weakness. The reality is that most executive coaching focuses more on developing new strengths than addressing problems. Seasoned professional coaches know how to assess each person’s assets and liabilities, then create a program to improve performance in the most critical areas.

Prefer going it alone

Of course, some people just don’t like asking for help. They think that reading books and business publications is enough. While reading always helps, nothing beats having a trusted partner who can coach and advise the CEO on their unique situation.

Too time consuming

Busy leaders can also dismiss the idea of using a business coach for time reasons. But executive coaching is not too time consuming. Many coaching engagements call for a one-hour meeting twice a month, and even less frequently as the relationship matures.

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