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13, July 2018

What Does A Business Consultant Really Do?

When I tell someone I’m a business consultant, I know there is a follow-up question coming. “What kind of consulting do you do?” I’ll usually rattle off things like executive coaching, strategic planning, employee assessments, keynote speeches and training. I explain how I work with companies in Cincinnati and all over the US. But that list barely scratches the surface of what a business consultant really does.

Business Consultants Focus on Success

At the simplest level, a business consultant helps people and companies succeed. They work with teams and individuals to minimize their weaknesses, accentuate their strengths and develop new skills. This can come in the form of a series of one-on-one executive coaching sessions, team offsite meetings or formal training programs.

Business Consultants Provide Objective Insights

Business consultants need to be dispassionate umpires. Their job is to call balls and strikes as fairly as they see them. They speak the truth. Especially truth to power.

Top Consultants use a Multi-disciplinary Approach

Consultants touch on almost every aspect in business. Leadership development. Communication skills. Time management. Delegation. Managing growth. Driving innovation. Strategic planning and implementation. Financials. Sales. Personnel. Succession planning. Mergers and acquisitions. Mission and vision statements.

Consultants Prepare and Follow-up

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes. In addition to having a strong background in running businesses, a consultant must have a solid understanding of their client’s unique business model, too. Great consultants follow up in writing after every session with notes, recommendations and action items.

Continuous Learning

Then there’s the research. Scouring business publications to stay on top of trends. Reading books to identify new ideas. Searching the internet for anything that could help clients. Then providing this information to the people who will benefit most.

Focus on People Skills

Consultants work with people, so everything often starts at the human level. Assessments help the person better understand their behaviors, motivators, emotional intelligence and other key attributes. The assessment report usually provides eye-opening insights on how to work better with others.

Committed to the Best Interests of Their Clients

At the end of the day, business consultants are trusted advisers. They keep confidential information confidential. Consultants work through times of crisis at 6:30 AM, on weekends or while on vacation. They do everything they can to help their clients succeed.

Contact Barr Corporate Success

If you are considering a business consultant for your company, please call Barr Corporate Success. We’ve helped hundreds of customers, in Cincinnati and all over America. Let’s see if we can help you, too.

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