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28, March 2018

What to Look for in a Keynote Speech

From time to time, most companies have a need for a keynote speech. It can be for a sales meeting, an annual company gathering, a trade show or a customer event. Typically, the idea is to bring in an outside speaker who will talk, entertain and enlighten the audience so they leave energized and filled with new ideas. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who more than fits the bill in Cincinnati or anywhere in the world, look no further than Krissi Barr.

Many different types of keynote speakers are on the speaking circuit. All have some inherent backstory that gives them credibility. Some are funny, others tell a dramatic story and still others have some great insight they want to share with the world. Krissi Barr fits into all of those camps.

Krissi Barr Keynote Speech

The hallmark of a speech by Krissi Barr is that the audience leaves happier than when they arrived. She has the unique ability to connect and communicate in ways most people can’t. Her messages are customized for the audience, powerful and universal.

The best way to judge Krissi’s speaking ability is to take a look at some highlights from a recent speech. This one was for a large insurance carrier, and the theme was “The leadership wisdom of dogs,” a play off her latest book, The Fido Factor:

Improving leadership is something that appeals to everyone – and almost everyone loves dogs. Put the two ideas together, sprinkle in a large dose of Krissi Barr’s vibrant personality and you have a speech that will capture the attention of everyone in the audience. Even better, people will leave with clear and actionable ideas on how they can improve their own leadership capabilities.

Krissi Barr has given other keynote speeches that focus on how anyone can become more successful by applying the lessons of PAR. Using an engaging golf metaphor, Krissi demonstrates how the lessons of Prioritize, Adapt and be Responsible can improve anyone’s career, personal life and even golf scores.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

Krissi Barr has given keynote speeches to groups in Cincinnati, all over America and internationally. INC magazine, Intel and many other organizations have trusted her to deliver a WOW! performance to their groups – and Krissi delivered. If you are looking for someone to rev up your next gathering, give Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success a call at 513-470-8980.

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