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15, April 2018

Why Executive Coaching Works

The goal for most executive coaching relationships is to improve the person who is being coached (the “coachee”) in some way. Often this takes the shape of accentuating existing positive attributes, introducing new concepts and ways of thinking, or correcting negative behaviors that are holding back the individual. In addition, the executive coach is also an outside advisor, someone who can objectively assess situations and offer independent advice.

Executive Coaching Keys to Success

There are several keys to the success of an executive coaching relationship. The first is the openness of the coachee to working with an executive coach. Without that willingness, little progress can be made. It’s like a golfer who thinks he has a great swing, but all his friends know he doesn’t. If you try foisting a golf pro on him it won’t work.

Executive coaches, like golf pros, are there to help a person become the best they can be. If the idea of using an executive coach is positioned as a benefit, which it is, then most people respond well to it. If a company already uses executive coaching at other levels of the leadership team, it’s usually an easy sale to a new coachee.

The Importance of Trust in Executive Coaching

The other key to success happens when the coachee meets the executive coach. That first meeting is critical to laying the foundation for trust. If there is any hesitancy on the part of the coachee, it is imperative that the executive coach quickly overcome that. Talking about hundreds of success stories, while temping and good for the coach’s ego, isn’t what most great coach do. Instead they find a way to build credibility while focusing on what success looks like.

The truth is, most people who are offered coaching are excited to receive it. They know they are receiving a benefit that will help them grow and become even more successful in their role.

Krissi Barr of Barr Corporate Success

If you are looking into executive coaching in Cincinnati or anywhere in America, please contact Krissi Barr at Barr Corporate Success. Beyond her experience and track record, it’s her unique ability to connect with people that sets her apart. And why executive coaching from Krissi Barr works.

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